Advice from a Twenty SomethingAdvice on life, style, relationships, career, and more from a young woman in her twenties. Whether you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend, moved to a new city, lost a best friend, or started on a new career path, change can be overwhelming. As I prepare to graduate and college and start the next chapter of my life, I am expecting many life changes in the very near future. Women face natural health-related changes through their lives, such as menopause, osteoporosis and varicose veins. Excitement can come through changing jobs or watching our child graduate, or in hearing them say their first words.

Let me know about transitions in your life because are going to be focusing on it in many ways in all of my connections. As you transition into a new day, a new year watch for opportunities that will excite your life. As I read Bloom Girl Bloom, I could hear the voices of so many women from so many different walks of life. We deal with a lot of rapid change throughout our twenties especially – it really is a decade of in between as we try to figure out where we want our lives to go and who we want to be. While of course everyone deals with major life changes differently, there are a few things I think are important to keep in mind.

This is a time to take control of your own life, think about what truly makes you happy, and do whatever it takes to make your life what you want it to be. I found that busying my schedule with friend dates, job searching and odd jobs around work and the house really helped; plus I’ve had way more time for the gym!

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