It has been three years since I graduated with my degree and since I had to start paying back those dreaded student loans.
Filed Under: Budgeting, Featured, Debt-Free I love comments from y'all, so please feel free to chime in below. This post is all about how I am working towards dumping my student loan debt without eating too much into our budget.

I started college off on the right foot, right after high school with a scholarship and getting good grades. Not being a patient person, I did the next thing that seemed to make sense to me at the time – I took out student loans. Since my family is on a one income and has been since I graduated and our goal this year is to have my student loans paid for by December 31st, I have had to get a little creative with my pay off strategy.

Thankfully, I was smart enough to not take out more than I needed since I had a fulltime job to pay the bills.

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