I may be a little biased, but pop up cards are the most impressive types of Valentine’s Day cards to make for someone. You can download the FREE template we created to make these stencil cards here: FREE Stencil pattern for Valentine’s day cards. You can get the FREE template for these window cards here: FREE template for window Valentine’s Day Cards. Another unique way to decorate your card is to use a 500 year old art form called quilling.  Quilling may be somewhat time consuming, but it is a very elegant way to decorate your card! Once you master a few of the basic techniques shown in the video above, you can be creative and design your own quilling masterpiece! Another great Valentine’s day idea is to decorate your card with tissue paper flowers.  I thought this was a clever and simple idea when I first saw this on Artful-Kids.  This card is perfect for any special person in your life you want to surprise!

Don’t forget to include a coin (or “key” to your heart) with your card to use as a scratch-off tool!
Here are a few more scratch-off Valentine’s day card ideas from TeaspoonSF, Mister G and Me,  and BHG. That’s why my Rich makes them for me, because he’s always still finding ways to impress me! Create a template for your hearts by folding a piece of card stock or paper in half and cutting out half the heart along the center crease.  You can also cut the hearts out directly using this method if you don’t mind a crease down the center of your heart. Glue the hearts on the front cover in a creative pattern.  You can glue one simple heart in the center or you can glue many hearts in a set or random pattern. This technique involves rolling thin strips of paper around a “quill” and arranging the rolled up paper to form different shapes and designs.

Cut the card stock around the hearts to frame the fingerprint masterpiece.  You can cut a simple rectangle or square, or you can be creative and cut heart shape around the fingerprints.
It’s very elegant, creative and simple to make!  Here’s a card we made with a dozen tissue roses.  We used red cellophane to wrap the stems, which we made using thin strips of green paper.

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