Being tired, stressed, and over scheduled can lead to quick fix parenting, as well as being in public. This type of parenting makes children vulnerable to outside pressures and teaches them to rely on someone else to guide them, instead of you.
Technology takes over and as parents we begin to lose power and influence with our children.
But… there are also lots, and lots and lots of times when their negative behavior is actually a response to our parenting through some common Parenting Mistakes.

As parents we need to watch over and protect them, but being paranoid is not a good parenting approach. Kids raised with this parenting technique have trouble developing self-reliance, problem solving and decision making. Paranoid parenting undermines a child’s ability to make their own decisions with confidence. She was available for me 100% while I was laboring at home, answering all my questions over the phone.

I knew what to expect at every step.  Kelly Empowered us as parents with the knowledge and confidence to start parenting before our son even arrived.

Meditation videos for kids
Motivation to run after work
Eat real food