Every couple, whether you’re dealing with an illness or not, needs to learn how to effectively communicate with one another so you can have more harmony in your marriage and family life.
Being intentional about this will help you thrive as much a possible as you walk through your times of suffering.
For the sick spouse:  make sure you do your best to extend grace and mercy to your caretaker!!
If your sick spouse does not heed the rebuke, yet they are functioning in society, at work, in the church, etc.

In my marriage, sometimes I would just let my husband know I needed to be alone or I needed to get some rest. Jolene, what a beautiful job you did on this entire series on chronic illness and marriage.
Well, you can’t change your husband and it saddens me to hear that you feel worse in his presence rather than encouraged. Whether you've been wounded, grown weary, wandered from The Narrow Path, or wondered how to walk the Christian life as a woman or a wife, my heart and passion is to encourage, equip, and inspire you in your journey of following Jesus Christ.

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