This would be an even wonderful gift and a more surprising idea if you who are doing the serenade are not one to typically do something like it on an ordinary day.
Sure you might be doing this almost every night for the past few years or months that you’ve been together as a couple, but if he hasn’t seen you in a new lingerie yet other than your usual undies, then give him the treat of his life. This is made all the more romantic when you surprise him or her at the office or wherever he or she works. This just speaks of your love for your partner; that you’re willing to do anything, even go out of your comfort zone, just to make him or her feel special.

If you’re the man and want to see your darling wearing something sexy in bed for a change, leave a wonderfully wrapped gift on the bed to surprise your partner. When your darling does wake up, make sure it’s just in time for you to enter back into the bedroom. It also holds true for couples who’ve been so busy with separate lives that time together has been taken for granted. If your partner stays at home, then take some of your lunch break to go back to the house, whisk your partner away and into a delicious restaurant nearby for a lunch date.

If you already have a family, make sure that the kids join in the preparation and surprise. However, you can limit your spending with these cheap anniversary ideas and still let your partner know that you appreciate the first or another year with them.

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