Alongside Singapore’s shops and squeaky-clean streets are unique opportunities to show your special someone just how much you love him or her.
Contemplate nature and your beloved amongst the blooms at Singapore’s state-of-the-art Gardens by the Bay.
One of Singapore’s must-see sights is the unique architecture of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. While looking at modern architecture might not be everyone’s definition of a romantic activity, two of the venues located on the SkyPark definitely make the grade for swooningly romantic places for a lovers’ rendezvous, an intimate meal, or even a proposal. KU DE TA, a restaurant and club lounge on the SkyPark, is probably the best venue in all of Singapore to watch the sunset while sipping a cocktail. And, if you’d like some refreshment while watching the city spin by, the Singapore Flyer offers a cozy four-course meal-and-flight package for two. If that seems a bit too pricey to be truly romantic (you don’t want the worry about paying your credit card bills to get in the way of contemplating your future together), you could indulge in the less expensive High Tea Flight for SGD $99 per couple, or try one of the cocktail flights.

Prove what a good team you and your lover are by renting tandem bikes and cycling along Singapore’s Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network. Whether you’re in Singapore for a quick weekend away, or whether you have a longer period of time to explore the city, there are plenty of opportunities and places to add a romantic vibe to your trip.
Here are a list of 10 great destinations and activities you can indulge in as a couple during a romantic Singapore getaway.
Opened in 2011, the hotel-resort complex is now a signature part of the Singaporean skyline. So it makes sense that romantic getaways in the city-state are ones that take you above it all.
At night, the city lights 100 meters below make Mount Faber an extra-special place for an evening stroll or a romantic dinner in one of the hilltop restaurants.
If you’ve got a mind to follow a trail, the National Parks system provides a self-guided tour map depicting points of Singaporean history on the hill.

The cycle rickshaw was first used in Singapore in the 1920s, and the invention quickly spread to neighboring Asian nations. This popular tourist jaunt lets you experience sights and sounds of street-side Singapore that you would miss on a motorized tour, and the small seats give you a great excuse to wrap your arms around each other in public. Watching the sunset while spinning above the city is a good start to a romantic evening out.

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