But you don't have to resort to Netflix and a value meal to have a romantic date that's also affordable! ROMANTIC PROPOSALS The Little Book OfROMANTIC PROPOSAL IDEAS Jewellers since 1948 Buy a cheap, fake diamond ring and break off two of the arms that are holding the diamond in place. 50 Dating Ideas For Married Couples50 Dating Ideas for Married Couples The important thing is to regularly take time out of your busy schedules and spend time together as a couple.

10 ROMANTIC MASSACHUSETTS IDEAS FOR GETAWAYS, DAY TRIPS AND …For Immediate Release 10 ROMANTIC MASSACHUSETTS IDEAS FOR GETAWAYS, DAY TRIPS AND STARRY-EYED EVENINGS TO IMPRESS A SWEETHEART Year-Round Suggestions For Those With or Without A Budget BOSTON, February 5, 2010. No one said that dating had to be dinner and a movie - there are plenty of ways to enjoy each other's company on cheap; especially smart if you're looking towards the long term. If your budget doesn't include new flowerpots for your new plants, get creative and paint the pot for an artistic flare.

Monday 11th Feb 2008Cook a romantic meal, or use any of these other twelve cheap ideas to make your first date a night to remember.

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