The size of these next gen netbooks is at 11.6-inches which is ideal for managing a full size keyboard layout.
As new models of netbook computers come to market, you will find older models being discounted.
Although the older a netbook gets the more expensive it acutally gets, there are sometime examples where 2 models of the same netbook are on store shelves. So long as you can trust the retailer and the information about where the netbook was sent for refurbishing, then it's a better option than used.
A big tip is also not to settle into the refurbished netbook for the first couple weeks of owning it.
The Acer netbook known as the Acer Aspire One is perhaps the best selling model of all time.
Also when it comes to netbook deals you will find that certain colors will be discounted but other colors will be regular price. There are many manufacturers who developed and produce netbooks, with the main brands being ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, HP and Dell.
Review sites and forums are the ideal place to find out the netbook you are interested in works and how other people have rated it. When shopping online, do not automatically buy the product from the first website that you see because you may find that other websites have a much cheaper deal on that product.
Student Computers is one of the leading online retailers within the UK specialising in cheap netbooks. If you would like more information about our cheap netbooks, please call us today and speak to an experienced member of our team who will be able to give advice and assist you on the best netbook for you. At this price, it's a much better option that trying to make your tablet into a netbook by using a keyboard case. Netbooks of years past were the 10.1-inch size so this inch increase is to me, a perfect update. With the amount of cloud based storage available, you will find that you have plenty of space on these netbooks to keep your movies and games. Yes it has a 3 cell battery, no you cannot access to RAM to add more, but it does have the new Atom processor, HDMI port out, instant-on, and is the smallest and lightest netbook Asus has released in the 10-inch size. It's something that will emerge now that AMD, the only competitor to Intel, is starting to release processors which are being used in netbooks.

Just make sure you buy a refurbished netbook from an online retailer with a good reputation and return policy.
Certainly the selection of netbooks is lessening, but they are still available as refurbished. They both have some risks, but a refurbished netbook backed with a return policy is the better option over buying used.
A 30 day return policy isn't that great, but I wouldn't buy refurbished netbooks from a retailer who has less than 30 days. We monitor Amazon closely and feel their free shipping and wide selection make them the #1 netbook retailer.
They will be the cheapest and your risk is relatively low provided it's from a trusted retailer. In terms of the netbook Atom processor you shouldn't be concerned about if the cheap netbook has a slightly older processor or slower processor. What you will find, without exception, is that AMD processors are cheaper than Intel Atom processor netbooks. With ARM processors being compatible with Windows 8 we may see a new crop of super cheap Android OS netbooks or Google Chrome OS netbooks in late 2012 or 2013. We will keep our listings updated daily or as we receive details about refurbished netbooks available for you to buy. When buying refurbished netbooks, the ability to return the unit is better than rolling the dice on a used netbook. Open box netbooks were not returned because of defects, but because of a shipping mistake or they weren't satisfied with the netbook. Not sure if you can find it now, but because it's older, chances are it's going to cost more than the current crop of netbooks.
Linux OS netbooks are cheap because they aren't paying off Microsoft for their operating system. We can get into last generation netbooks which may come in cheaper, but it won't be enough savings in our opinion. If you opt for a Windows OS netbook, you will pay more than one which ships with Linux OS. Netbooks became a smashing success because of their price and so even today most manufacturers look at creating the cheapest possible product.

You're not seeing metal or aluminum materials in netbook because that makes the price go way up. Today though there really aren't Linux OS netbooks as consumers made it very clear they want the Windows operating system.
Further, the AMD powered netbooks provide much better video and gaming capabilities thanks for the ATI Radeon graphics processing unit. For example, a customer buy a netbook, opens up the packaging, then decided they don't like it for whatever reason and they return it to the store.
We may add a special pick of the older generation models which will see many deals thanks to the arrival of these new Cedal Trail Atom processor netbooks. Software wise, you also see Windows 7 Starter operating system which again is the cheapest possible option.
Further you can buy USB bluetooth adapters so technically you can add Bluetooth to any netbook that ships without Bluetooth internally. If you want cheap without losing features, then definitely look at the growing selection of AMD models. Once a netbook is returned to the factory, fixed then shipped, be assured it has passed all the same tests and it has passed. If a specific refurbished netbook is already sold out by the time you've visited us, that's okay.
This can be confusing because you will see 2 or 3 different models of the 1001PXD Asus netbook. Acer and Asus have the best selling netbooks and in general you can find more of these refurbished. Certainly Acer and Asus are going to provide the best discount netbooks as they are the most popular and have the more variety of specs like smaller battery sizes like 3 cell.

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