A common complaint from people trying to start eating healthy is that healthy foods can be more expensive than unhealthy fast foods.
To get the absolutely cheapest prices, visit the farmers' market about one hour before closing time.
Buying locally-grown fruits and vegetables is usually a lot cheaper than buying produce transported from another state or country. Stick to the edges of the grocery store and you can avoid the higher-priced processed foods.
You can save a lot of money by taking advantage of amazingly cheap 'loss leaders' at your local supermarkets.

If you're a student or a senior citizen, check your favorite grocery stores in your area to find out if they offer discounts and other special promotions just for students and seniors. After finishing an Accelerated Program in Registered Nursing, she received her Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Chemistry as well as a Master's degree in Biological Chemistry. Usually, less processed healthy foods are at the edges of the grocery store, including fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy, etc. Store clerks often neglect to re-price items when they're on the bottom shelves; so, you can end up with cheaper prices. Visit your local farmers' market; they offer produce which tends to be fresher, treated with less chemicals and cheaper.

These expensive items are positioned there to make it really easy for you to see them and grab them, instead of the hard-to-reach cheaper items.

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