Accounting templates and company name: Change your company name in your accounting software (like QuickBooks) and it will affect all standard reports.
Email signature file: Put a reminder of your new company name (and web address, if applicable) in all out-going e-mails. Mail delivery people: Keep them in the loop so the mail keeps flowing regardless of what company name it has on it. Newsletter email address: Inform readers you will be changing so they can update their spam blockers. I recently came across an article in the Huffington Post’s weddings section by Offbeat Bride founder Arial Meadow Stallings called The Name Game. Medical, legal, travel etc. Depending on the country, state or province you live in, changing your name may make dealing with medical issues, filling out legal forms and traveling with kids (especially internationally) that much easier. Opt for a hyphenated last name. You can hyphenate your own name and decide on one or both last name for the kids. He can change his last name. According to a 2007 article in USA today the number of grooms taking the brides last name was on the rise. If you have anything to add to the pros and cons of changing your name after marriage, we’d love to hear them!
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We’ve changed our company name two times over the life of the business and boy, did we learn some lessons. Name That Bride guides you through the process and provides the details on name change forms for free to you. Depending on whether you change your name entirely or opt for a hyphenated alternative, your kids may be branded with a mouthful: Thomas James Maconald-Robertson or Stella Marie Walker-Smith. There’s something to be said for creating that sense of belonging, and changing your name might be a symbol of that for you and your groom-to-be. However, if that is the only thing in your way, you might be able to change your name legally while still using your maiden name for work. It might be easier to go with one name from a logistical standpoint (travel, medical, legal, dealing with schools etc), but there may be something to be said for showing your kids both sides of the equation. I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break.
Then set up your old web address to transfer automatically to your new one for a period of time to ensure a smooth transition for your new and existing customers. Stop to think, and you'll be surprised at how many government agencies and websites and offices know you by your birth name. We even provide you with a name change checklist to keep you organized so you can be sure that you don't miss anything. In this post, Arial got us thinking about the pros and cons of changing your name after marriage.

This is definitely a hot button issue for many couples, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of changing after marriage.
You could both go with a hyphenated version (his first for him and yours first for you – or just pick one for both) or you could invent something completely different. After all, every modern woman by necessity creates quite a paper trail, from your first Social Security card to your latest credit card. Fast forward to post-married life and she’s dealing with the never ending stream of junk mail addressed to Arial Meadow Fetz (that would have been her name had she decided to change it) despite her best efforts to remain true to her maiden name.
If the end result leaves you with a name you’ll dread saying, then it definitely falls into the con category. But don't think too hard, or you might feel daunted by the effort it will take to change your name with all of these folks when you tie the knot. Simply click here for a low cost name change kit to be mailed to you including all of the necessary forms and paperwork or start browsing Name That Bride and get started on changing your name now!
While this isn’t necessarily a good excuse to change your name, it is an inevitable truth.

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