To be happy and at peace we must, in time, accept that disappointments can and do happen; they are part of life.
By acknowledging that disappointments happen in life, we are better equipped to deal with them when they happen; we can feel less shocked, so less disappointed. In time we can feel neutral when we think about a disappointment, instead of bitter and angry.
How we cope with disappointment can determine whether we rise or fall, are bitter or at peace, upset or happy. If all we ever want to be is one thing in life, and we think nothing else will make us happy, if it never happens we can be very disappointed — devastated.
To help deal with disappointments, harness the resources of a good support team, group or wise person you know. When your get-up-and-go has got up and gone, as the saying goes, get it back using the tips below.
Don’t always wait for motivation to strike you before you start a task, because it might not come. Copy the relevant habits of people who are motivated and successful, and have succeeded in your field.
Before the interview, know the sorts of questions that the interviewers might ask you, along with appropriate responses.
Over the years, I’ve been asked many of the same questions at different job interviews. If you arrive too early for the interview, if you drove in, sit in your car and perhaps read a book, or information about the company that you’re having the interview at.
Read books, magazine articles, information on the Internet… about controlling stress and anxiety, if you feel the need.
I have shaken hands with many people over the years, and some people certainly need to improve their handshake. My mother and her younger sister in Perth, Australia both have great skin for women their age. My grandma Illona, who I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, dabbed a little lemon juice on her face daily to have healthy, younger-looking skin. Be gentle when you rub soaps, skin creams and skin scrubs… on your skin to avoid damaging it, so promoting wrinkles. Carolyn Gregoire, from the Huffington Post, reports that studies have found that stress can contribute to premature aging.
To enjoy my lunch breaks I like having a laugh and happy chat with friends at work, and watching funny YouTube videos.
Often imagine how you would like your work to be – getting a job promotion, getting along better with your colleagues, and so on. Gregoire lists the following five lessons from the Grant Study that we can apply to live a happier and more meaningful life.
Intangible things, such as love, kindness, forgiveness, inner peace, and good friendships, can lead to happiness, and money can’t buy any of these. When expectations are set too high, and they aren’t met, it can lead to disappointment. I can get angry and stressed… or I can remember that no one, myself included, is perfect. Focus on the good things in life that we already have (instead of what we don’t have but want) to reduce the intensity of disappointments, and get over them quicker. Mix with people who boost your spirits when you’re down, help you achieve worthwhile goals, and congratulate you when you succeed. A lack of iron, for example, can make us feel too tired, unmotivated, and present symptoms similar to those of ADHD. Although it can cause energy bursts, which can increase motivation, afterwards energy lows can follow.

In your breaks, do things that boost your energy, such as listening to uplifting music, being around positive people, and exercising. Write down the benefits and look at them daily to remind yourself of the good things that can happen when you finish the jobs. Even if you work at a slower rate than usual, often this can be better than stopping the task altogether. And when your job interview goes well, you’ll feel happier, regardless of whether or not you get the job.
Don’t be hyperactive during the interview, but do show energy and enthusiasm for the job that you applied for. Write these down and memorize key words in your responses, if you need to, so that you feel prepared for the interview.
To be on the safe side, unless you’re going for a job as a comedian (or a similar position), I recommend telling no jokes during a job interview.
Other options are, for instance, visit shops close by, or go to the bathroom and freshen up, but whatever you do, do your best to arrive on time or slightly early; about 5 minutes early is enough. Unless it’s absolutely urgent, turn your phone off or onto silent during your interview. Get enough sunlight so your body can make enough vitamin D for good health, but don’t get too much sunlight because it can cause wrinkles and skin cancer. But how much remain after exposure to light, air… and get absorbed into the skin, is questionable. Some ingredients in skin products are likely to be dangerous and can, in time, possibly cause health problems and promote wrinkles.
Alternatively, to help absorb skin lotions, gels…, lightly tap them into your skin for a few moments, instead of rubbing them in. Heavy make up, such as thick foundation, can clog pores, dry the skin, and cause more problems than it’s trying to solve.
A recent Gallop poll of over 150,000 US workers had a similar finding: 70% of Americans either do not like their jobs or are uninspired at work.
Regular exercise, spending time with friends, getting enough sleep… are important for health, happiness and good quality of life.
If so, have regular short breaks to get up and stretch, and prevent deep vein thrombosis, back pain, etc.
If you do, maybe look for ways to perfect it, like some people try to perfect playing board games, team sports, etc. When it comes to how happy other people are compared to you, each other individual is likely to fall into one of these three categories: more happy, less happy, or about the same level of happiness as you. We can also feel happy from things, such as the things we’re given, and we buy or create ourselves.
People can feel happy and fulfilled in many other ways besides having children – by pursuing rewarding careers and pastimes, doing hobbies they enjoy, doing well at sport, joining volunteer programs, and so on. They can, at times, be true or false, depending on the circumstances, the individual and other factors. For example, you go for a job interview for a job that you would really like to do, but you don’t get the job.
It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to like each other and to get along well together.
Our self-fulfilling prophecy of not being happy unless we get to be that one thing can come true. They might have gone through similar tough times, so can pass on their first-hand experience. Over time, increase the size of your goals as you improve and get more motivated, if this helps. Routines provide structure, and get us into good habits that can enhance motivation and productivity.

Even just 15 minutes of exercise three times a week is better than nothing, if you’re starting out. But, on the other hand, if your lack of motivation is caused by burnout, for example, you might like having more relaxing breaks.
Shortly after starting to exercise, you might find that you get more motivated, and want to continue exercising.
For example, if you wear make-up, it’s best to put on a moderate rather than a large amount. You’ll find many examples of common interview questions, and good ideas for responses. For example, if you were going for a job as a phone counsellor, the way you would speak would differ from going for a job as a comedian. Illona recently passed away aged in her mid-90s, but for most of her adult life she had the skin of a typical woman 10 to 20 years younger.
As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, thoughts are creative, so dwell on what you want and how you would like your life to be. But we can also have many other feelings toward people and things – feelings such as sadness, stress and fear.
For many people, a small amount of high quality dark chocolate as a treat can increase health and happiness. To help avoid feeling too disappointed, you can think before the interview that “With or without this new job, I can be happy. If you are new to exercise, or have stopped for a while, check with a relevant health professional about which exercises are best for you, before you start exercising.
Small rewards could include, for instance, a cup of your favorite coffee or herbal tea, and watching a DVD.
Get enough sleep before the interview so that you feel refreshed and alert on the interview day. So, instead of thinking negative thoughts, often imagine doing well at your interview, and being relaxed and positive. If necessary, practice with someone beforehand who can give you good feedback on your handshake. White tea can stop reactions in the body that break down proteins in the skin, so help prevent wrinkles. Too much chocolate, however, can be counter-productive, causing unwanted weight gain, and feelings of guilt and gluttony… so reduce happiness.
Having a satisfying job, a manager you respect and job growth opportunities is more important. Louise is an amazing author who has helped millions of people all over the world with her kindness, brilliance, and love of humanity. Join job agencies, search Internet job sites, read the employment notices in the newspaper, network with people in your area of expertise, etc.
For many adults, wine in small amounts as a treat may enhance health and happiness, but too much wine as treats can cause problems.
Failure can enable growth, re-organisation and re-thinking to enable us to be wiser, stronger and better. Read his list of potentially dangerous ingredients in skin care products, if you’re interested. We may never know why some people are rude to us, however having compassion for them can help us stay calm in difficult situations.

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