Although it’s discouraging, it’s simply impossible for the majority of people to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously at a satisfactory rate.
Consuming less calories than your body needs will allow you to lose fat (caloric deficit) while consuming more calories than your body needs will allow you to build muscle (caloric surplus). That’s why attempting to reach both goals simultaneously usually leads to failure, discouragement and giving up fitness entirely. If you can’t build muscle and lose fat simultaneously, then DON’T attempt to do them at the same time. Rather, aim to lose fat in one phase and build muscle in another and alternate between them through the course of your training.

Rather, the purpose of this stage is to lose fat as fast and efficiently as possible while maintaining your current levels of strength.
At this stage, you create a caloric deficit to lose weight at the ideal rate for your body. If you notice a decrease in strength, it’s a sign that you’re likely losing muscle which is why reducing your weight training (lighter weights and higher reps) is NOT recommended. Rather, the purpose of this stage is to build as much lean muscle mass as possible while minimizing excess body fat. Bottom Line: DO NOT attempt to build muscle and lose body fat simultaneously unless you are an overweight beginner, a genetic freak, using steroids, or trying to regain lost muscle.

However, after hundreds of people asking me similar questions over the years about how to build muscle and avoid excess body fat, I’ve finally created the answers. I call it KFX: Muscle Growth Experience, and it in I provide the solutions written in a easy to digest, no-nonsense format. Rather, your goal should be to build muscle or lose fat in a way that puts you in an ideal position to successfully reach the other.

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