From my experience, the quality of the shots you hit during your warm up has no relationship with your score for the round.
What this does is warm-up your distance control without you judging how good your direction is. Shave 5-7 shots off your game without changing your swing with David MacKenzie’s Free Mental Game Fundamentals eBook! Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Look back at the improvements you have made and are making in your life, and notice in what areas of your life there have been positive differences, even if they seem little ones. It shares simple effective tips and strategies that anyone especially mums and women can practice to boost their confidence at work or in business. How you approach each round mentally and physically can make a big difference in how confident you feel.

It increases your endorphins to help you feel happy, reduces stress and tones your muscles. Each time you catch yourself saying something unkind about yourself or anyone else, just correct it! It’s important that you’re not judging how good your game is by how well you’re playing before a round.
Secondly, you’re narrowing your focus and shaping your perception by aiming at such a small target. Take a bubble bath, treat yourself to new clothes, manicures or a 20 minute break with your favorite magazine! This is why I recommend the following putting warm-up routine: You get to warm-up your visualization and feel, without missing a single putt. Other tips include speaking words of affirmation, blowing your own trumpet, dressing the part, and using body language effectively, and the each tip is followed by easy to follow guides in very straightforward language.

It’s not going to help your confidence if you’re warming up your putting and seeing the ball fly past the hole or come up short and you especially don’t want to experience a 3-putt before walking to the first tee. The book rounds off with invaluable strategies to get some rest, find a mentor, become a mentor, and how to develop yourself in order to remain competitive. Why Aloted wrote this eBook, in her own words.I once lost my confidence at work (I shared my story in the ebook). Once you confirm your email address, you’ll receive a private link to the ebook as a PDF that you can download. Super Working Mum respects your privacy and you can opt out of receiving their mails at any time.About the AuthorAloted Omoba is passionate about seeing women empowered and being the best they can be.

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