Of all the things that a bad government does is to coerce people into paying for charity that they would not support had they not been threatened with violence.
In the previous parts (first and second) of this essay, I discussed some aspects of constitutions and governments. India needs a different constitution that is consistent with a free people, that allows the people the freedom to prosper, to live lives of dignity. Leo Szilard (1898 – 1964), was a Hungarian-American physicist who came up with the idea of a nuclear chain reaction, and together with Fermi patented in 1933 the idea of a nuclear reactor. To dramatically reduce, if not entirely eliminate, the need to spend massive amounts in elections, the state must be constitutionally prohibited from being in business. Only a minimal state is consistent with maximum freedom of citizens, and therefore a minimal state is required for maximum prosperity of all individuals in society.
The states must raise their own revenues through state taxes to fund their own state purposes, make their own policies specific to the states such as industrial policies, make their own expenditure decisions within the constraints of their revenues, etc. The governments of the states, knowing that the center is prohibited from redistributing wealth from other states, will have an incentive to create conditions for economic activity within the state: peace, ease of doing business, and ease of living and working in the state. The possibility of men living together in peace and to their mutual advantage without having to agree on common concrete aims, and bound only by abstract rules of conduct, was perhaps the greatest discovery mankind ever made. The rise of the Great Society is far too recent an event to have given man time to shed the results of a development of hundreds of thousands of years, and not to regard as artificial and inhuman those abstract rules of conduct which often conflict with the deeply ingrained instincts to let himself be guided in action by perceived needs.
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Once a few people within the group become good at something, there are spill-over effects to the rest of the group. With approximately 17 percent of the world population, that is only 0.2 percent of the prizes.

Indians are still under the subjecthood of dead Britishers — their proxies being the generations of politicians, police and bureaucrats that took over control in 1947 after the British formally departed.
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Imagine yourself shaking hands with the interviewer and providing poised and compelling answers to their questions. Shoddy showing but understandable given the fact that Indians are a subjugated people with a miserable education system. Private goods and services are adequately and efficiently produced by any well-functioning market economy without the intervention of the state. State controlled charity, which is necessarily centralized, cannot replicate the efficiency associated with decentralized private giving. These conditions include the protection of private property, freedom to trade, freedom of individuals to contract with others, to enforce those contracts, and create a dispute resolution mechanism.
If A wants to trade with B, and the trade does not cause any harm to anyone else, then no one, especially the government, should interfere in the trade.
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You can guide the interview in a way that focuses on your strong points, with anecdotes to support them. Certainly, a case can be made for why there will have to be some coercion — but that has to be reserved for matters that are essential for the functioning of society.
I not only receive the joy of giving without expectations of return, I also derive psychic satisfaction by exercising the freedom of deciding on whom or what I spend my money.

How these members of parliament and legislative assemblies can do the job they are expected to do without even a passing familiarity with the constitution is a marvelous mystery. These ostensible public goods rarely if ever have any correspondence with what are economic public goods.
People can monitor more efficiently and effectively if what they are giving is being used locally to help those in need.
It will be forced to bring together and keep together a majority by satisfying the demands of a multitude of special interests, each of which will consent to the special benefits granted to other groups only at the price of their own special interests being equally considered. The in-period rules may change from period to period but they have to be consistent with the constitutional level rules.
Most importantly, the people are presumed to make their private choices without interference by the government, however well-meaning.
The government has no role in dictating to an individual what to trade with whom, and similarly has no role in dictating how much to give and to whom. Imagine yourself entering this b-school full of confidence and sure of the part you will play in the class. If at any time during the year, you are not satisfied with the membership, they will refund you the entire membership fee without any fuss. But if charity is coerced in any sense, it is not only immoral, it stops being charity and people naturally rebel against it and stop being charitable. Such a bargaining democracy has nothing to do with the conceptions used to justify the principle of democracy. Within that structure of rules, flexible in-period rules can be made as required that are designed to expire in a few years.
I recall that this time the topic was about the economics of populations, and I was distinctly dissatisfied with his analysis. Then, ideally starting a day or two before the interview, practice using imagery to relax yourself and boost your confidence. Read the constitution of India and you will find that it is at its essence a set of rules which empowers the government (and its immense bureaucracy) to rule Indians.

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