A career as a self employed courier can actually pay for your travel if you handle it well. Check with your local county clerk to see what kind of business license, if any, you might need as a self employed courier. Of course, you’ll have to know what to charge for your service as a self employed courier. Some of your customers as a self employed courier may ask you to deliver or pick-up a package for a commission or even for barter.
You can also place an ad in the same locations offering your courier services to individuals and businesses.
Realize that when you work as a self employed courier you’ll be responsible for your own business taxes.

Becoming a self employed courier can lead to a very profitable business for someone who likes to get out, move around, even travel.
While you can use city maps, a GPS will make your work as a self employed courier more enjoyable since you won’t have to struggle to find a location.
In some places a self employed courier will be considered a freelance with no license needed, but others will look on it as a small business with the same requirements. You can find this by calling similar courier services in your area and asking what they charge for specific services. A self employed courier must be flexible and able to work with a variety of people in order to make the most money. The joy is that each one will bring with it a pay check and the freedom of being your own boss as a self employed courier.

It’s important that you cover every expense as a self employed courier so be sure to consider any overhead, gas, etc. To begin finding customers, you can look on Craigslist and similar sites, as well as in your local newspaper and see if you can find companies who hire self employed couriers.

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