Strongly experiential, the weekend will involve discussion, meditation and an open, relaxed environment to explore any questions you have.
Joel Groover: You were talking about your experience in meditation interviews with Sayadaw U Pandita at his monastery in Rangoon.
I was recently talking with another meditation teacher who said this very thing, unprompted. When I was younger my life was way out of balance and in all of my meditation interviews, I’m pretty sure I never talked about meditation.
Now, there is a phenomenon that you will sometimes notice while you’re meditating where suddenly it is as though you were inside a car and the car windows were rolled up. Stay connected with the emerging face of Buddhist Geeks and receive a curated collection of our favorite interviews.

Each class begins with a guided breathing meditation and culminates with a 2nd meditation based upon the evening’s topic.
It presents basic Buddhist philosophy and principles within the Tibetan Buddhist context, and provides simple meditation instruction.
That synergy continues throughout your practice and basically begins to accelerate in the higher levels of meditative practice, which is why the great sages insist that compassion and wisdom are inseparable. Kenneth began practicing Theravada Buddhist meditation while working as a professional musician in 1980, and later completed extensive long term meditation retreats in Asia and the U.S. And it is remarkable if anybody actually does get the right information and applies the techniques for a few minutes and figures out what works and what doesn’t.
You know, the way we transmit these techniques is so inefficient that it literally takes years to learn the basic meditation technique.

You see people meditating year after year and going to the retreats and becoming Buddhists. His "3 Speed Transmission" method of teaching combines the most pragmatic aspects of Theravada Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta in a way that is easy for modern practitioners to understand and apply. As you see your own mind, you get more insight into the minds of other people and that empathy is the basis for compassion.

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