A few weeks ago, I spent lunch speaking to a group of women on the ever elusive concept of work-life balance. Some innovative companies have leapfrogged over the balance idea into empowering energized, inspired workers with enough options to live full lives as they see fit. Although plenty is still being written and theorized about work-life balance, the conversation is beginning to shift toward concepts such as energy management, resiliency and flexibility.
Seeking perfect balance between your personal and professional lives may be an exercise in futility. This entry was posted in All Posts, Career, Executive Development, Executive Presence, working women and tagged energy management, flexibility, flexible work schedules, Kristi Hedges, Power of Presence, work life balance, working others, working women. Dear Krsiti, I have alwys believed and have been of the strong opinion that work life balance is a mirage.. When you are centered from within, where is the need to balance, since you are present wholly and fully in every situation in totality, which requires your wisdom and love.

As Heather Schuck says, "You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life." Just as personal issues affect your relationships, they equally affect your work life. We’re so dedicated to the attainment of this concept that there was a national firestorm when Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote in the The Atlantic that working mothers, the poster children for the idea of work-life balance, can’t have it all.
Balance becomes even harder to attain in a time when we’re always reachable, and work becomes more global and fluid. Happiness is still the ultimate goal – but happiness and work-life balance aren’t the same thing.
While this may be a rather enjoyable vision, life just doesn't go that way for most people. Most balance issues are also geared toward working mothers, leaving out those who are childless or male. Perhaps you’re willing to go out on your own to get the life you want even if it means working more.

Only those who feel imbalance and not in control of their mind, thoughts, emotions and their overall presence, talk about attaining work life balance.
What if you could live like that though - and actually achieve the 'work-life balance' that everyone is so keen on these days. Obtaining this work-life balance doesn't just benefit our personal life, it benefits our capability at work as well.

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