The title of the holiday is certainly a tell tale of what the day is meant for, and that is to show appreciation to your husband.
There is a time and a place for practical gifts, but Husband Appreciation Day is not one of those.
If your husband is big into sports, consider giving him a sports gift basket, these can be filled with snacks, nuts, beer, their favorite sports team shirt or hat, books, or even a note saying you upgraded the cable service to include ESPN or SportsCenter. If your husband's not really into sports or concerts, there are still plenty of other options. Or if he's more of a homebody, you could give him an engraved poker set for starters, and then offer to host a night for him and his buddies to come over and have a poker night (or play video games, if that's his thing.) You can lend him the house for the night, or stay and play hostess with snacks and beverages. We tend to take for granted those who are closest to us, and sometimes it's good to step back and realize just how important they are, and how lucky you are to have them there!  Best wishes on your own Husband Appreciation Day!

Send all your love to your significant others with this exquisitely designed crystal wedding anniversary gift ideas. Choose from the love quotes from Bible or write your own anniversary wishes, this makes a unique gift gift for a couple on their wedding anniversary.
This lovely 25th anniversary gift offers the special couple warmest congratulations and best wishes for the future! This crystal sunflower is an elegant and easily customizable gift to mark the 15th anniversary milestone.
With its unique and dynamic design, this Crystal gift can be the best means to show your happiness toward your parents' 50th Anniversary. In fact, National Husband Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the third Saturday of April.

It can be to thank them for being a good father, for helping you through tough times, or just for little things like changing the oil in your car, or doing the dishes.
Its elegant design makes it a stunning personalized love gift for your husband or wife on your 1st wedding anniversary.

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