Through deep study, I learned more about past lives, soul groups, soul mates and soul contracts than I could have ever imagined.
First and foremost, I learned that I have been right all along about the forever love, twin-flame, sacred-union soul mate thing. The other thing I notice about my regular dreams is that none of them really make sense, or something totally whacky happens when they are making sense to make them suddenly…yeah…NOT make sense.
The things that amaze me most about my past-life regression dreams are mostly the historical details. So, when a friend asked me about them, I knew what they were, but didn’t know how to access them, or why, exactly, I would want to.

To read more about scheduling an Akashic Reading with me, please visit the Your Akashic Journey section of this blog. Or she may be thinking of a song that she wants you to hear, or even just thinking of a song that reminds her how she feels about you or the situation, and then it will play for you. While standing at the kitchen sink, a thought crossed my mind about the hometown of my twin flame’s new girlfriend. I learned that I have shared three past lives with this fellow soulmate, the most recent being the regression dream from the 1940s. I have heard from others and read on blogsites that questions about the future are also prohibited, but this has not stopped me from asking my MTLOs what I can expect from time to time.

I know my lesson to learn is to not let ego freak out about these games, but, of course, being human in 3D density makes that a bit difficult 99 percent of the time.
It wasn’t until that evening that I bravely sat down and allowed myself to get into a deep discussion with my spirit guide Joe about my past lives.

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