Cereals may seem like a great breakfast option for your family, but too often they come with something you don’t want – loads of sugar. Watch our inspiring, award-winning, must-see video that will open your eyes to the health hazards our children face every day - and how we can overcome them.
Cereals are known to be rich in fibers and are considered healthy breakfasts for everybody including kids, adults and old people. Consumer Reports notes that kids (and adults) who eat breakfast have better overall nutrition, fewer weight problems, and better cognitive performance throughout the day. Consumer Reports studied the serving size poured by 91 youngsters, aged 6 to 16.  It was found that on average, they served themselves about 50 to 65 percent more than the suggested serving size for tested cereals.
The major cereal companies have products that received good nutrition marks, but not many of those are advertised to children. The average preschooler sees 642 TV cereal ads a year; most are for types with the worst nutrition ratings. I am sure the data will upset millions of parents who give their children cereal for breakfast, believing it is the healthiest way to start the day. And you might be surprised to know that after obvious foods such as candy, cookies, ice cream, sugary drinks, breakfast cereals are the single greatest source of added sugar in the diets of children under eight. Our programs help prevent asthma, childhood cancer, and more - because nothing is more important than your child's health.
If you're like me, getting your kids dressed in a matching outfit, getting the homework together, and getting the kids out the door is a struggle, let alone making sure our children get in a nutritious breakfast.If you're looking for some fast, easy, and nutritious breakfast ideas, then I have some fantastic ideas for you!
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Consumers International is calling on the World Health Organization to develop international guidelines that would restrict advertising and marketing of foods that provide high in sugar, fat, or sodium to children. I urge you not to go over the label claim and look for Very Good rated cereal products for your kids until other companies reduce the sugar and sodium content and increase fiber content. My kids, in the beginning, weren't too pleased about cutting out the sugar until I brought out the fresh blueberries and strawberries to adorn the tops of their cereal!A Healthy Kids Breakfast Tip #2: Eggs, Toast & FruitAnother given but one that may take more time than some of us parent's have in the morning!
Served with milk and fruit, the lower-sugar varieties can be part of a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast. There’s even a reference to a “refusal to communicate”.Autism used to be classified as a form of mental retardation and the medical approach to autism does its best to ‘normalize’ autists.
The report also found that 11 popular children cereals have as much sugar as a glazed donut.
But them into little sections, throw some whole grain toast into the toaster, cut up some fruit, and you'll have a nutritious breakfast that will get your child through the day.A Healthy Kids Breakfast Tip #3: Yogurt with GranolaMy kids LOVE this and it is just too easy to make!
One of the authors made this observation about autistic children: “their minds moved at the speed of light. Words were not their preferred form of communication because words were too painfully slow, laborious, and difficult….. Pour your smoothie into a to-go cup and your child will be fueled with some nutritious nutrients!A Healthy Kids Breakfast Tip #5: French ToastDip some whole-grain bread into a little egg, some milk, nutmeg, and cinnamon and cook them in a skillet. I now realize that they communicated energetically.”Autists are not like everybody else but autism is not a disease looking for a cure. Top the french toast with some fresh fruit, some low-fat yogurt, or sugar-free syrup for a great tasting and nutritious breakfast option.

Kids really love french toast and will gobble this up!A Healthy Kids Breakfast Tip #6: MuffinsThis is easy! Make sure the muffins are whole wheat, low in sugar, and filled with ingredients that are healthy.
This creates a different state of mind leading to a behavior which is less acceptable for society.
It is important to note that living in this different state of vibrations, they can attain and process special information which unlocks incredible abilities.”Ivanov uses percussion instruments as a way to meet the autistic child on his terms by adapting to his vibrations. We do not need to have musical abilities and special training to create a composition of emotions with percussion instruments.”Hidden WingsAward winning percussionist Mickey Hart, who is a member of the rock band The Grateful Dead, also sees drumming as a transformative tool for autism. Playing percussion instruments like drums, shakers and bells can offer an outlet for the repetitive urge as well as provide the structure and predictability that autists crave. A study comparing music therapy with play therapy showed that “Improvisational music therapy produced markedly more and longer events of ‘joy’, ‘emotional synchronicity’ and ‘initiation of engagement’ behaviours in the children than toy play sessions.”Here’s to joy! Through MHLC this continued into a current presentation of healthy lifestyle choices and how to implement them.

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