Last year we featured over 100 web applications to organize every aspect of your life, from your belongings to your social calendar, and more.
From basic to do lists to event planning, fitness, educational organizers, and more, here are 100 new applications to get you even more organized. LivingSocial - Organize your interests (restaurants, video games, books, TV shows, etc.) and share them with others. BookBump - Complete book organization, including in-depth management tools, instant bibliographies, and organized book lists.
TuneUp - Automatically cleans up and fixes your music collection, relabeling files, finding missing cover art, and even notifying you of upcoming concerts based on your collection. Booktagger - Keep track of all your books, discover new books to read based on recommendations, keep lists of books, and even start an online book club. No More Notebooks - Manage your shopping wish lists, research and compare prices, and recommend items to friends. Rearden Personal Assistant - Online application that helps you book and organize services from trusted suppliers.
Wishlistr - Create customized wish lists that you can organize based on event or other criteria.

Hordit - Online file and information storage and organization that offers free unlimited storage for your PDFs, spreadsheets, documents, YouTube links, scanned images and more. NutshellMail - This app organizes and consolidates all your email accounts, plus all your social networking accounts.
LaterThis - Save and organize websites you'd like to revisit later when you have more time. Zenbe - Integrated email and calendar that also manages your attachments and allows you to share items with others.
Pageonce - Organize all of your online accounts in one place and get alerts for payment due dates, financial transactions, cell phone minutes, and more. Clipperz - Password organization app that also helps you organize and track any of your sensitive data (PINs, IDs, SSNs, etc.).
Feedoor - Feed management app that lets you merge, manage, and do more with your RSS feeds. Evernote - Capture and organize information from your mobile device, laptop, or any other device or platform that's convenient. Agglom - Organize your links in sets and lists to create multimedia pages, rss feeds, slideshows and more.

Utilium - Organize learning materials for your students and lower their course material costs. Wigadoo - Plan outings with friends (whether a night out on the town or a ski trip in Aspen) and organize everyone's finances to make your trip happen. Bistrola - Coordinate your get-togethers while keeping everyone happy and without alienating or bullying your attendees. Pingg - Create your own invitations to email or print, and then track RSVPs, reminders, and more. GoPlanit - Research and plan trips with your friends and get recommendations for things to do and see.
Gyminee - Track your workouts and what you eat, be held accountable, and get motivated, all for free.

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