Although the cause of our stress can differ, it's something almost all working professionals suffer from now and again.
When we are stressed, our minds can become overwhelmed as we run through our to-do list, try to tackle the task at hand, and predict forthcomings. Stress is usually a byproduct of too much work, and when we have a lot on our plate caffeine seems to be the best answer. The goal is to listen to something that relaxes you, so the type of music is less important than the way it makes you feel. Emerging in nature while also partaking in light, physical activity can significantly reduce stress levels. Writing our feelings down on paper allows us to acknowledge the core causes of our stress and address them in a productive way.

For example, if you find yourself pointing out your flaws, instead focus on ways to improve and the good qualities you do possess. We all know by now that meditation carries many benefits for stress management and inner peace.
Here are 10 simple ways to stop those feelings of anxiety and pressure the moment they start. Fused with about half the caffeine of an average cup of joe, green tea also contains the amino acid L-Theanine, which is linked to the reduction of stress and anxiety.
Walking in general is helpful at reducing tension and stress, and when you throw in the calming powers of nature you have yourself an all around great stress buster. Rose and geranium are both great scents for relieving stress, while sandalwood and myrrh help to reduce anxiety by promoting peace of mind.

A study found that dialing up mom can drop stress hormones and release oxytocin, a chemical in our brain that stirs up good feelings. First, it shifts your focus away from what is stressing or depressing you, and helps you to zero in not only on things that may make you smile, but on things that remind you of all the resources you have available to you, which can also be an antidote to stress.  When you write regularly in a gratitude journal, you tend to get into the habit of seeking out things for which to be grateful, knowing you’ll be writing about it later, anyway. Journaling calls on us to dig deeper, finding where our stress started and how it escalated.
Breathing exercises can be done anytime and anywhere, offering a foolproof and affordable way to fight stress.

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