Flood risk management plans (FRMPs): 2015 to 2021

Flood risk management plans (FRMPs) set out how organisations, stakeholders and communities will work together to manage flood risk.

Flood risk management plans explain the risk of flooding from:

  • rivers
  • the sea
  • surface water
  • groundwater
  • reservoirs

The first FRMPs were published in March 2016. They describe actions to manage flood risk across England between 2015 to 2021.

Each FRMP covers a specific area called a river basin district (RBD). Use the map to find your river basin district.

Updating FRMPs

FRMPs must be reviewed, updated and published every 6 years. This is a requirement of the Flood Risk Regulations 2009. The Environment Agency and lead local flood authorities review and update the FRMPs. The second cycle FRMPs for 2021 to 2027 are now being drafted. The plans will go through a 3 month public consultation in autumn 2021.

Working with river basin management plans (RBMPs) and the Marine Strategy

RBMPs provide a framework for achieving an improved and sustainable water environment for each RBD. RBMPs and FRMPs provide an integrated approach to catchment planning for water. Working together to achieve the objectives and measures in the plans will bring benefits to human health and wellbeing. These will lead to economic prosperity and protect and improve the natural environment. See the River basin management plans 2015.

There are strong links between RBMPs and the UK’s Marine Strategy which implements the Marine Strategy Regulations 2010. The measures in the RBMPs will contribute to achieving good environmental status in UK marine waters.

Shoreline management plans (SMPs) provide a coastal policy framework around England and Wales based on managing the risk of flooding and erosion at the coastline and into estuaries. Both SMPs and FRMPs form part of the foundation for future flood and coastal risk planning. They complement each other and contain general and specific actions on flood risk. RBMP and SMPs work together to support a sustainable approach to water and erosion management at the coast.

See the UK’s Marine Strategy Part 3: programme of measures.

FRMPs in England

There are 7 river basin districts solely in England.

FRMPs in Wales

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) solely manage the Western Wales River Basin District (RBD). The Environment Agency and NRW jointly manage the Dee and Severn RBDs. The Dee and Severn FRMPs are published by both the Environment Agency and NRW. Other Welsh FRMPs are on the NRW website.

FRMPs in Scotland

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Environment Agency jointly manage the Solway Tweed RBD. There are 2 separate reports for the Solway Tweed RBD, one for the area of the RBD in England and another for the area in Scotland. The Solway Tweed FRMP for Scotland and other Scottish FRMPs are on the SEPA website.

Published 17 March 2016
Last updated 14 September 2021 + show all updates
  1. The reference to the EU Floods Directive has been removed. Added FRMPs must be updated every 6 years as a requirement of the Flood Risk Regulations 2009. The Environment Agency and lead local flood authorities are reviewing and updating the FRMPs. There will be a consultation in autumn 2021. Added how shoreline management plans and FRMPs complement each other in managing flood risk, water and coastal management.

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