Basic navigation and search for vacancy holders (vX)

Overview of common navigation in the Civil Service Jobs vX system, including search and table layouts for vacancy holders.

Basic navigation

The Navigation Panel is on the left-hand side of the screen, and is used to access applications, vacancies and interview schedules.

The Dashboard button returns you to the home screen.

If you select Applications or Vacancies, you can see your recently viewed items.

To logout of the system, select your name and Logout.

To view archived vacancies, select your name and Show archived data. To hide archived vacancies, select Hide archived data.

Select the speech bubble icon to view any system messages, errors or updates.


To change your search criteria, select the dropdown and choose:

  • Search Applications - enter the candidate’s last name, email or ID.
  • Search Vacancies - enter the full (or part of the) vacancy title, or the vacancy ID.
  • Saved Searches - select your saved searches.
  • Saved Selections - access any saved selections.
  • Full Text - search for particular words or phrases within all applications and attachments.
  • Smart Search - search the entire system using words, phrases or numbers.
  • Advanced Search - select the three dots to use this - it allows you to select specific search criteria.
  • Select Begins to change between search results that begin, contain, exactly match or sound like the text you enter.

On your Dashboard there are quick link buttons, which allow you to navigate to the places you use most:

  • Create vacancy
  • Sift Applications
  • Add Interview Feedback
  • Pre-employment Checks Overview

Table layouts

Table layouts show application, vacancy and interview lists and are on the Navigation Panel. You can filter information, reorder it, select rows and export to Excel.

Use the Displaying dropdown to change the number of items displayed.

Use the Selected dropdown to select or deselect multiple list items.

Use Filter results to search and filter the list. You can also select the down arrow to filter individual or multiple columns.

Use Layout to select a different layout. These display the most common searches.

You can select individual or multiple rows from a table. If you want to view only your selected rows, select the Results dropdown then Show only selected.

To go to the full record for any row you can double-click it, or select it and click View from the List Action Toolbar (located under the main search box).

You can export your table into Excel by selecting Download layout.


Widgets are displays for your Dashboard, which show important data. They give an overview of your vacancies, interviews and candidates going through checks.

In each widget you can:

  • expand or collapse it by selecting the icons in the top right corner,
  • search for particular vacancies or candidates using Filter,
  • click the column headings to sort vacancies or candidates, and
  • double-click the row you want to select to view vacancy or candidate information.

Vacancy Overview shows how many candidates are at each stage for your vacancies.

Interview Schedule shows when interviews are scheduled, plus basic details.

Candidates at Pre-employment Checks shows candidates, their progress and status of each check.

Candidates Onboarding shows all candidates who have completed Pre-employment checks and are awaiting completion of New Entrant Notification (NEN) or Posting Notice (PN).

Vacancy summary

All vacancy information is shown on the Vacancy Summary page.

Vacancy information tabs

  • Vacancy Details shows essential information which is used to build the advert on Civil Service Jobs. You can edit vacancy details by selecting Edit.
  • Panel allows you to add, edit or remove panel members.
  • Interviews shows all Interview Schedules for the vacancy - you may not have access to this.
  • Applications shows applications and their status.
  • History records all changes to the vacancy, and any vacancy emails that have been sent.

You can Copy or Add Comment to a vacancy using the List Action Toolbar, under the main search box.

Application summary

All information about an individual application is shown on the application summary page.

Candidate information tabs

  • Candidate Summary shows important candidate information. You can Add Application Comments in this tab.
  • Comments allows you to Add Comments and Store against candidate.
  • Application Forms shows all application and recruiter forms attached to the application:

  • Forms will open in a new tab.
  • In each form you can Edit, Print, Close or Compare another form.
  • You can add a form by selecting +Add Form.

  • Test results is present when online tests are required. It gives an overview of the candidate’s progress and scores.

Status buttons

Status buttons show under the candidate’s name. Use these to move candidate to the next status in the process.

List action toolbar

This toolbar shows under the main search box. It shows relevant options in different parts of the system.

Help and support

Contact your recruitment team if you need help using the system.

Published 11 July 2019