Businesses who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant (company names beginning with A)

Find out which businesses have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and what they are pledging to do to support you and your family.



About the Armed Forces Covenant for businesses

The Armed Forces Covenant for businesses is a voluntary pledge made by organisations who wish to demonstrate their concrete support for the armed forces community. It complements the armed forces covenant and sits alongside the community covenant.

All covenants signed by businesses include a core statement of commitment that those adopting the scheme sign up to. This covers the 2 key principles of the Armed Forces Covenant, which are:

  • no member of the armed forces community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen
  • in some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate, especially for the injured or bereaved

Each organisation is then encouraged to offer support in a way most appropriate to their situation and capacity, with the pledge document including a ‘menu’ of options for them to sign up to. This menu covers employment support for veterans, reservists, service spouses and partners, as well as support for cadet units, Armed Forces Day, and discounts for the armed forces community. There is also an opportunity for companies and charitable organisations to add their own commitments based on local circumstances

Published 29 October 2013
Last updated 15 April 2019 + show all updates
  1. Addition of 'A & M Bacon Limited' and 'Avail Technologies Ltd' armed forces covenant pledges
  2. Addition of 'Amethyst Automotive Components Ltd' and 'AVworx Ltd' armed forces covenant pledges
  3. Addition of 'Ashton Pioneer Homes' armed forces covenant pledge
  4. Addition of 'AJ Case Management Ltd', 'Acadia Training Limited', 'Albion Medical Practice', 'Annington Homes', 'Applegate Marketplace Ltd', 'Anderson Green', 'Annapurna HR Limited', 'Archenfeld Limited' and 'Autobrite' armed forces covenant pledges
  5. Addition of 'ACS Recruitment', 'AlixPartners', 'Annan Athletic Football Club', 'Arke Ltd' and 'Art and Soul Tribe CIC'
  6. Addition of 'Abacus Crisis Care Ltd', 'Abingdon & Witney College', 'ACS Systems UK Limited', 'Active Plus CIC', 'Age UK Thanet' and 'AVMI' armed forces covenant pledges
  7. Addition of 'Ancestry Focus', 'Armatus Risks Security Services Limited', 'Arrow XL Limited', 'ASPIRE JS LTD' and 'Attwells Solicitors' armed forces covenant pledges
  8. Addition of 'Accipiter Rural Technologies', 'Active Northumberland', 'Acton Health & Safety and Fire Safety Ltd', 'Alacrity Group', 'AlphaPLus', 'Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Limited' and 'ARC Partnership Ltd' armed forces covenant pledges
  9. Addition of 'AEC Protection' armed forces covenant pledge
  10. Addition of 'AS Scaffolding' and 'Automobile Association Developments Ltd' armed forces covenant pledges
  11. Addition of 'Acre & Tweed Limited', 'AFH Wealth Management' and 'Autotech Performance Ltd' armed forces covenant pledges
  12. Addition of 'Advance Virtual Assistants' and 'AWARD Productions Ltd' armed forces covenant pledge
  13. Addition of 'Addison Lee Group' armed forces covenant pledge
  14. Addition of 'ACAS', 'Anderson Rowntree Solicitors' and 'Angel Eyes Photography' armed forces covenant pledges
  15. Addition of 'Acorn Taxis Ltd Boston', 'Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited' and 'Ashgrove Surgery' armed forces covenant pledges
  16. Addition of 'Aerospace Wales Forum Limited' and 'Armoured Engineering Ltd' armed forces covenant pledges
  17. Addition of 'AVIVA Plc' armed forces covenant pledge
  18. Addition of 'Aggregate Industries' armed forces covenant pledge
  19. Addition of 'Ashridge Group Ltd' and 'Astrid Davies Consulting Limited' armed forces covenant pledges
  20. Addition of 'Access Community Trust' armed forces covenant pledge
  21. Addition of 'Academy Max' and 'Arden Guest Hotel' armed forces covenant pledges
  22. Addition of 'Abbott Laboratories Ltd', 'Adana Management Group Limited', 'Airbus' and 'Atlas Elektronik UK Ltd' armed forces covenant pledges
  23. Addition of 'Ahmadiyya Muslim Association', 'Aston University' and 'Awburn House Medical Practice' armed forces covenant pledges
  24. Addition of 'Aspire Oxford' armed forces covenant pledge
  25. Addition of 'A&E Harmonious Compliance Training Ltd', 'A2D Solutions Limited', 'Apollo Teaching Services Ltd' and 'Ashton Medical Group' armed forces covenant pledges
  26. Addition of 'Age UK Herefordshire & Worcestershire' and 'Archway Services Ltd' armed forces covenant pledges
  27. Addition of 'AeroSimulators Group Sensor Academy' armed forces covenant pledge
  28. Addition of 'Acacia Coaches Limited', 'Adecco', 'Admin Business Solutions Limited', 'Alan P. Fulton Artisan Goldsmith', 'Argyll Charters' and 'Ascent Flight Management Training Ltd' armed forces covenant pledges
  29. Additions of 'AV Dawson Limited', 'A14 Integrated Delivery Team' and 'Ascot Care' armed forces covenant pledges
  30. Addition of 'Albert & Flaherty Ltd' and 'Amgueddfa Cymru- National Museum of Wales' armed forces covenant pledges
  31. Addition of 'Ahmadiyya Muslim Association' armed forces covenant pledge
  32. Addition of 'Agilient International Ltd' armed forces covenant
  33. Addition of 'Airedale NHS Foundation Trust' armed forces covenant pledge
  34. Addition of 'Arc 24 Ltd', 'Aintree Hospital NHS Foundation Trust' and 'Anglian Windows Ltd' armed forces covenants
  35. Addition of 'Arriva Plc', 'Atom Training' and 'Avenue 4 Forces' armed forces covenant pledges
  36. Additional of 'After the Military' and 'Armstrong Richardson and Co Ltd' armed forces covenants
  37. Addition of Adler & Allan armed forces covenant pledge.
  38. Addition of A & M Defence & Marine Services Ltd Advance Logistics Support Advantage Safety Ltd Apleona HSG Limited Armed Forces Covenant pledges.
  39. Addition of AD2000 Security Ltd armed forces covenant.
  40. Addition of Archer Associates and Armed Forces Community Hub armed forces covenant pledges.
  41. Addition of Accord Housing Association and Army Grove TA Army of Mums armed forces covenant pledges.
  42. Addition of Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce, Acceler8 Training, After the Military, Alcimi, Alford Technologies Ltd, Allan Webb Ltd, Alma Law, Ambassador Protection Ltd, AmmarM, Ant Art, Artrius International Ltd, Ascot Care, Ascot Care Agency,Assist Resourcing armed forces covenant pledges.
  43. Addition of Activate Health and Well Being CIC, Ambulantphysiotherapy Ltd, Aquila Air Traffic Management Services Limited, ASC Connections Limited and Automatic Data Processing Limited (ADP) armed forces covenant.
  44. Addition of ACA Print Holdings Limited armed forces covenant listings.
  45. Addition of Academy Transformation Trust Further Education, Adept Pest Control Ltd, Apleona HSG Limited, ARC Academy UK Limited, Arif Autofix armed forces covenants.
  46. Addition of Advanced Personnel Management Group (UK) Limited armed forces covenant pledge.
  47. Addition of Arlington Automotive, Amicus Trust, Airis Limited, Amey (re-sign), and Artelia Group armed forces covenants.
  48. Addition of Airvis Ltd armed forces corporate covenant pledge.
  49. Addition of AAA Caring Caretaker Limited, Aberdein Considine & Co, Advanced Specialist Care, Alpha 1 Security Services (Inception Group Limited), Alpha Safety Training Limited, Altec Engineering Group, American Express, Anglian Demolition, Aquablast Ltd, Askari Tembo Ltd, Aspire Supported Living and Atlantic Online Media (Rewards For Forces) armed forces covenant pledges.
  50. Addition of Agincare Group Ltd and Agincare Homes Holdings Ltd armed forces corporate covenant.
  51. Addition of Athena Risk Ltd and Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce armed forces corporate covenant pledges.
  52. Addition of Activ8 Learning and Anglia Indoors Karting armed forces corporate covenant pledges.
  53. Addition of A.W Jenkinson Transport Ltd and Aspire Defence Services Ltd armed forces corporate covenant pledge.
  54. Addition of Access to Adventure Limited armed forces corporate covenant pledge.
  55. Addition of Ageas and Adcote School armed forces corporate covenant pledge.
  56. Addition of Arch Group and Aston University armed forces corporate covenant pledges.
  57. Addition of Alcumus Group, Amazon Web Services and Aviation Requirements armed forces corporate covenant pledge.
  58. Added Armourgeddon Ltd armed forces corporate covenant pledge.
  59. Added Advice Direct Scotland armed forces covenant.
  60. Added All Star Motors Armed Forces Covenant.
  61. Added AAR International and Atos (re-signed) Armed Forces Covenants
  62. Updated list of Armed Forces Covenants: Aggie Weston's, Anytime Fitness Wokingham, Assurance of Learning Limited, Atlantian Solutions, Autism Care UK Ltd
  63. Added Allyance Ltd and Aerospace & Airworthiness Consultancy Enterprises Ltd (AACE).
  64. Added Aspire: armed forces corporate covenant pledge
  65. Added a signed pledge for Ashfords LLP.
  66. Added Assisi Environmental Services Ltd and Awarding Body for Awarding Vocational Achievement (AVA)
  67. Added Appt Corporation Limited and AW Ship Management Limited armed forces corporate covenant pledges
  68. Added signed pledge for Aardvark Photography Ltd.
  69. Added signed pledges for: Aircraft Maintenance Support Services Ltd, and Atkins and Co.
  70. Added: Anapper Ltd.
  71. Updated Anascena Limited pledge.
  72. Added Albea UK Ltd.
  73. Added ABC Business Services, Academy Training Solutions Ltd and Arrochar Associates.
  74. Added Ambitions Ltd and Athena Wills Ltd
  75. Added signed pledge for Alexander Mann Solutions.
  76. Added new covenant pledges for Alan Ward, Alstom UK&I.
  77. Added new covenant pledges for All Saints' Academy, Audax Global Solutions Ltd.
  78. Added covenant pledges for Ajilon Ltd, Allied International Risk Limited.
  79. Added covenant pledge for Ashridge Security Management Ltd.
  80. Added signed pledge for Apex Recruitment.
  81. Added covenant pledges for Africa Risk Compliance Limited, Alertacall Ltd, Angela Ruskin University, Anxious Minds.
  82. Added covenant pledges for Army Parachute Association, Ashtead Plant Hire Ltd.
  83. Added new Covenant pledge for Anascena Limited.
  84. Added signed pledges for Anglian Water Group and Awan International.
  85. Removed all pledges of business begining with B to a new page. Updated the pledge for Auctus Management Group who re-signed 1 February 2016.
  86. Added signed pledges for Abertay Univeristy, Adnams Plc and Black and White Hospitality Group.
  87. Added: A Foot Above Limited, Advanced Tactical Resources Limited and Aspect Creative Design
  88. Added signed pledges for Aartic Training Services and Bournemouth Above and Beyond Trust.
  89. Added a signed pledge for Brooker Care Ltd and a re-signed pledge for Bureau Veritas.
  90. Replaced Atkins Covenant pledge with a resigned pledge.
  91. Added a signed pledge for Barr-Jones Associates Ltd.
  92. Added signed pledges for Astons Estate Agents and Bank of America Merril Lynch.
  93. Added signed pledges for Ashfield Homes Ltd, Battle Stations Activities Ltd and Black And White Hospitality Group and the re-signed pledge for Aldershot Town Football Club.
  94. Added a signed pledge for Blyth Utilities Ltd.
  95. Added signed pledges for Aggreko plc and Approach Training Safely.
  96. Added a signed pledge for Auctus Management Group Ltd.
  97. Added new covenant pledges for Alternative Construction Greater Manchester Education CIC, Arcanum Information Security Limited, Beeswift Limited.
  98. Added new covenant for Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations (BAVO).
  99. Added new Covenant pledges for Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales, Bradford Bulls Foundation, Bradford Bulls Northern Ltd.
  100. Added new covenant pledge for Alcumus.
  101. Added new Covenant pledges for Anglo American plc, Benchmark Recruit Ltd, B&S Project Management and Consultancy Services Ltd, Box-it North West.
  102. Added new covenant pledges for Amec Foster Wheeler plc, Bodiam Ltd.
  103. Added signed pledges for Aggie Weston's, Ashford School, Brompton Academy, and Broadgate Search Ltd
  104. Added new pledge for British American Tobacco.
  105. Added new Corporate Covenant pledeges for AGOTS Limited, Airborne Systems Ltd.
  106. Added Active Adventure North Wales and Bureau Vertias Ltd.
  107. Added Armed Forces Reunions.
  108. Added a signed pledge for Bouygues Energies & Services.
  109. Added Balfour Beatty Group PLC pledge
  110. Added signed pledge for Atos UK.
  111. Added Advantage Resourcing.
  112. Added a signed pledge for Buckinghamshire New University.
  113. Added Airbus Group UK, Bolton Wanderers Community Trust, Brockenhurst College pledges.
  114. Added a signed pledge for Business Network (SW) Ltd.
  115. Added Alexander Hughes.
  116. Added signed pledges for Accenture (UK) Limited and Antalis Limited.
  117. Added signed pledges for Altran UK Ltd and Advanced System Understanding Ltd (AsystsU Ltd).
  118. Added re-signed BAE Systems.
  119. Added signed pledges for A & P Group Ltd, AECOM, and Alchemy Global.
  120. Added Aerossurance Limited, Anderson & Brown Ltd, BNY Mellon and Brightred Resourcing Limited.
  121. Added AMBE Business Centre and Archbishops' Council of the Church of England.
  122. Added Boeing Corporate Covenant.
  123. Added a signed pledge for Arena Racing Company.
  124. Added Atmosphere Control International.
  125. Added A1 Community Works Limited, Belay Rope Access
  126. Added a signed pledge for Alpha 1 Security Services Ltd.
  127. Added Bird and Co solicitors LLP.
  128. Added a signed pledge for Associated Telecom Solutions.
  129. Added ANAtech and Basingstoke College of Technology
  130. Added signed pledges for 'Birketts LLP', 'BFRS', 'BCB International Ltd', and 'Boatwork Ltd'.
  131. Added Asda armed forces corporate covenant pledge
  132. Added AccouTax Limited.
  133. Added Atkins and AEI Cables Ltd.
  134. Added a signed pledge for Building Forces.
  135. Added a signed pledge for Alternate Forces.
  136. Added a signed pledge for 'Army Families Federation'.
  137. Added signed pledges for 'Agility Defence & Government Services, Europe' and '8build Ltd'.
  138. Added a signed pledge for 'Alex Smiles Ltd'.
  139. Added Bubble Production.
  140. Added a signed pledge for BRITPLAS Ltd.
  141. Added Brunsdon Financial Services Ltd.
  142. Added signed pledges for Artisan Country Crafts and Blind Veterans UK.
  143. Added Blackpool Transport Services Ltd: armed forces corporate covenant pledge.
  144. Added signed pledge for Armed Forces Group Preston.
  145. Added Air & Ground Aviation Limited pledge.
  146. Added Arqiva Ltd pledge
  147. Removed apt marketing pr: armed forces corporate covenant pledge.
  148. Added 2 new pledges Astute Facilities Management Ltd and Be Training Academy Ltd.
  149. This now only lists Armed forces corporate covenant pledges for organisations beginning with A or B.
  150. Added new pledges uder A and M.
  151. Added the latest signed pledges.
  152. Added 'A4e Ltd: armed forces corporate covenant pledge'
  153. Added 4 pledges.
  154. Added signed pledge for DynCorp International (UK) Ltd.
  155. Added the latest signed pledges.
  156. Added new signed pledges from February 2014.
  157. Added new signed corporate covenant pledges.
  158. Added more signed pledges.
  159. Added new signed pledges
  160. Added signed pledges from 20 organisations
  161. First published.