Foods for whiter teeth - the top five collection

Five natural tooth whiteners

Of course, we would like to have a whitening to meet the world with a bright white smile. We do not admire all those who smile at us with perfect white teeth from the covers of magazines. Youtube, Instagram, the world seems to be full of people with perfect white teeth. Are you dissatisfied with yourself? You think your teeth are just terribly yellow? You have no self-confidence and have not laughed with your mouth open for a long time? You're thinking about whitening your teeth, but you're shitting your way to the dentist? You believe that whitening is too expensive. If this is your opinion, then we have the solution for you. There are a lot of possibilities, which you can do quickly and easily at home. Discover our five anti-discoloration foodies and let your teeth shine in a natural white. Here are the top five natural teeth whiteners.

Attentive readers of women's magazines know them: those nasty saboteurs who prevent our teeth dazzling white: red wine, coffee, black tea, nicotine. Just a few factors that make teeth whitening yellowish-brownish. But did you know that some foods are good for our teeth? Which can even act as a natural brightener? Well - here they are:

1 Cabbage
Cabbage. Although it may cause flatulence, cabbage not only contains nutritionally essential vitamin C and iron but also functions as a toothbrush from nature thanks to its rough structure. If you chew it vigorously and slowly, then superficial discoloration and stains are removed gently. So, now you know that cabbage is not just the favorite food of rabbits. No, if you want to have whiter teeth soon, Kohl should appear on your diet regularly. So easy and so cheap. But let's also discover other foods that will make your teeth bright and shiny.

2 Cheese
Cheese. Avoid the sweets more often during dessert, but instead, order a small cheese platter. Because cheese contains protein, calcium, and phosphorus - all ingredients that reduce the acidity in your mouth. The best brightener: Cheddar. Scottish cheese not only has the highest percentage of these ingredients, but its slightly waxy texture also acts as a natural buffer. Soft cheese like Brie or Feta does not have that much effect. You've always known that the French do something good for their health and teeth when they finish their meals with an excellent piece of cheese. There is a long tradition there as the last course in a menu a cheese plate to reach. Now it is clear that this is not only about the ultimate pleasure, but that the cheese is also useful for white and healthy teeth. Everyone knows the saying that cheese closes the stomach, at least that's what the French say.

3 Strawberries
Strawberries. When you eat strawberries you run the risk of small seeds getting caught between your teeth. The best way is to rinse them out with a glass of cold champagne :o). Joking apart, their effect as a natural teeth brightener is undisputed. The high vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, content lightens the teeth by better decomposing plaque. A disinfecting astringency helps against slight discoloration. And as a side effect - it´s the most delicious way to whiten your teeth.

4 Cider Vinegar
Cider Vinegar. Are you looking for a DIY toothpaste with a gentle whitening effect? So, you don´t have to search any longer, here is the ultimate recipe: Mix a small amount of apple cider vinegar with baking soda to a creamy paste. Press the wet toothbrush into the paste and clean your teeth gently with this kind of toothpaste. The baking soda is gentle enough not to attack the teeth - and, in combination with the apple cider vinegar, an elegant way for brighter teeth.

5 Orange or Banana peel
Orange or banana peel. Before you throw the bowl of bananas or oranges in the trash: Use them rather than a gentle peeling against tooth discoloration. Merely exfoliate the teeth with the inside of the fruit bowl for one minute. Then wait ten minutes and then brush the teeth with the regular toothpaste. Incidentally, the cosmetic industry also uses the lemon component of orange as a whitener in many expensive cosmetic products. Additionally, the banana is rich in magnesium, potassium, and manganese, which also can remove stains. Furthermore, calcium and vitamin D give the teeth additional strength.

So, now you have seen that it does not always have to be the cost-intensive visit to the dentist to get beautiful, white teeth. Nature also has excellent ways and means for us to whiten our teeth a little bit. Would you have thought about strawberries when it comes to whitening? Probably not. Much more, you probably would have thought of tasty strawberry cheesecake. Now you have discovered five beautiful ways of teeth whitening - and if nature cannot do it, who will. Mix your whitening toothpaste today and try it. Maybe you do not need to hide your teeth tomorrow anymore and show your brightest smile to your friends and family. Because, you know, a smile can be the shortest way between two people.

Our top five foodies in teeth whitening were a real rediscovery for you? Can´t you wait to put our tips into practice? You are very curious, how the result will look alike? That's great if you loved our tips about natural teeth whitening with food. Finally, a note. Teeth whitening with food is an excellent extra way to a smoother smile. It does not replace a dentist appointment. Have your teeth checked regularly? A professional cleaning once or twice a year if required, we recommend to you unrestricted. But you must not forget one thing. The foods listed here are a safe tooth whitening. You need some time and patience when you use them. Remember that there is no whitening with highly aggressive peroxide gel, which conjures an effect within a few minutes. Your teeth will be thankful.