Website Development Tools for Beginners

Website Development Tools for Beginners The modern-day website has become a more complex task as website designers attempt to reduce loading times without compromising on the website’s design. Large quantities of quality content must be broken down into nests and sections to avoid bulk blocks displaying for the user while animations create an entertaining and understandable user-experience. So how do we manage to create the perfect user experience without compromising on design? The answer is, there will be some compromising, however, the trick is to ensure it isn’t overly noticeable.

File Compression

Images, css, js and html files can be heavily compressed in an effort to minimise a websites loading time. Website Development Australia have been focused on techniques to display high-resolution photos at a bare minimum size to the end-user which maintains a modern and professional feel to a website and its gallery.

Image Compression

There are a variety of free tools online which can help significantly in resizing, cropping and minifying images. The first tool is through using a website called Bulk Resize Photos. The benefit of bulk resize photos is the ability it provides in resizing images without the need of an image editing application such as photoshop. Simply drag and drop your image and input the desired size required to resize the image and it will provide you a download link with the new file.


Tinyjpg is another website that can assist in website compression. The Tinyjpg image compressor is a fantastic image drag and drop system which will compress an image as far as possible without losing image quality. Tinyjpg has been known to remove over 65% of dead weight in an image file without losing any image quality.

Gzip Compression

Gzip compression is a method of website compression available in a majority of the large website hosting companies Cpanel software. Gzip compression works by cutting the excess weight within a website’s package for the end-user. Gzip compression is an amazing opportunity to save upwards of 35%+ of your current website size. As the industry continues to propel forward faster than ever before it is essential to hosting a website with a company that can provide light-speed hosting with all these extra optimisation features. Speak with Website Development Australia to learn more about website hosting and the right fit for your business.

Page-speed Plugins

Tech geniuses and developers have come together to create amazing software available to CRM users sin WordPress, Joomla and other backend systems. WordPress itself has a wide array of page-speed optimisation plugins which aim to async JavaScript and CSS and minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript as much as possible. The right optimisation plugin will also allow for caching and image lazy-loading.

Pagespeed Ninja

Pages-peed ninja is a go-to on the WordPress plugin marketplace with 50+ 5 star reviews an 30k+ downloads. The page-speed ninja tool does require some advanced knowledge in website development in order to use it at full capability but the most amateur of WordPress users can still get some use out of it. Page-speed ninja is an all-in-1 plugin that minifies, caches, asyncs JS and compresses websites. The plugin always goes as far as to lazy-load images and media on a website.

Asset Cleanup

Asset clean-up provides web developers the opportunity to go 1 step further in optimising websites with the ability to disable unused scripts and files on a page in order to reduce loading times. The pro version of asset clean-up allows developers to call certain scripts from the footer once a page has been load to minimize above-the-fold loading times.


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