The Evolution of Cyber Security

It’s 2020 and while it’s been a crazy year with a global pandemic, there has been many other nefarious things going on due to people having more time on the hands. Thanks to being locked down, hackers have been out in full force, making the issue of cyber security a front-page agenda. Cyber security is the process of protecting and recovering a network, device or program from any type of cyber attack. Cyber security protects any Internet-connected system from cyber-attacks and is responsible for protecting against all kinds of attacks such as malware, ransomware, and other distributed cyber threats. Cyber security is the protection of every system connected to the Internet and the security of that system. 

Network security is designed to protect IT infrastructure from cyber criminals who intercept, modify, or steal information. Overall, cyber security is the behavior and manner in which suspicious behavior is determined by your behavior or your way of interacting with computer systems. Successful management of potential and actual cybersecurity events requires time to remain diligent, define, and implement the processes that support cybersecurity. Monitoring your assets and carefully managing your network, devices, systems, networks and other assets is a cornerstone of any security approach.  Finding a solution to these issues can be a daunting task. Companies are hiring cybersecurity experts to help protect existing computer, data, and network infrastructure against possible attacks from the latest digital threats. Cyber security providers will typically use a variety of technologies, such as cybersecurity protocols, encryption, authentication, firewall, intrusion prevention, and intrusion detection.

As hackers continue to adapt to technological progress, IT security experts, who focus on data security, will also be adapted to the new requirements. Cyber security systems are as important to the people who use them as they are to their users. The importance of system monitoring is echoed across the industry, providing information on the state of a system’s security, as well as its weaknesses and vulnerabilities in systems.  As cyber attacks continue to evolve and become more complex, the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry faces exciting new challenges as it seeks to use cutting-edge technologies and techniques to combat the persistent threat of malicious activity. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing and evolving as end-users, with technology, devices, and services deployed and the ability to meet the new challenge posed by cybercriminals increasing. 

More worrying is the fact that cyber hackers have begun to use automation, including artificial intelligence, to carry out attacks at a speed that effectively circumvents security and command and control mechanisms. Holistically, AI technology can help protect against cyber threats such as ransomware, phishing, and other forms of cyber attacks. A myriad of developing cognitive technologies can not only help us improve and improve cybersecurity, but also navigate the complex web of human-machine interfaces and cognitive interfaces.

As technologies continue to adapt and evolve, so does the security realm when it comes to connected data systems. For each new piece of technology, there’s always the concern of some way for it to be penetrated, and as we approach the modern era of IoT, this becomes extremely concerning as the internet itself becomes more invasive in our everyday lifestyles.


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