Garage Doors – What could possibly go wrong?

Who doesn’t love their garage? It’s the one room of the home that “anything goes” and that’s totally fine. While there’s a lot of people out there that think of this spot as the place to park the car, there are so many other things that it can be used for, such as an amazing storage solution, a perfect place to set up a small “out of the house” office or can even be completely changed into a bedroom. No matter what you use your garage for, there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s a very versatile space in your home.

In Canada, garages are more important than ever when it comes to your vehicle. As many people already know, Canada’s weather can get extremely cold during the winters and your garage is the most important sanctuary to protect your vehicle from damaging storm weathers, hail, and snow. Furthermore, extremely cold temperatures are not optimal for a vehicle, so even having protection from the cold itself will extend the longevity of your vehicle.

A great garage consists of only a few parts, but one of the most important parts of any garage is indisputably the garage door. Garage doors are often taken for granted, and in a place like Canada, these doors can easily become damaged. There are multiple types of problems that can occur with garage doors, such as the door itself being damaged by weather or a wide range of accidents, but the most common issue with garages is typically the motor control unit.

A garage door’s motor is the device that opens and closes the door of your garage. This motor is typically hung from the ceiling in your garage and the door itself runs along a track. It’s important not to take shortcuts on garage door motor units because this single part can be the main point of failure for your garage door opening and closing properly. Most motors are pretty rugged and rarely have any issues, but when they do, it will result in situations such as the door not being able to be lifted due to a weak motor, or the motor completely locked up and not allowing the door to open at all. When these types of situations arise, you should consult a Canadian Garage Door Surrey company to assist with fixing it.

Another common issue is the spring assembly that assists the door with opening and closing. The spring assembly is important because it assists the motor with the intense force required to pull up the heavy door. This balancing act that the spring assists with provides just the right amount of tension to allow the motor to move the door into an open and closed position without requiring too much energy. While it’s not as common, the spring assembly is known to wear out over time and could need repair or replacement. 

There you have it, two of the most common issues that most garage doors will come across for possible needs for repair. Whether your garage is being used for your car or an extra bedroom, it’s important to maintain your garage door. We hope that this article was useful! Look forward to our next article about the different types of garage doors available for your garage.


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