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One of the challenges of lettering in this style is creating cohesion out of somewhat random, improvised words and characters. Lettering often acts as a work of art on its own—inviting the audience to spend more time with the piece.
Challenging the viewer to decipher some words can be a good thing within a compelling composition. It's difficult to judge how much room you have to fit a word or phrase, and this process will help take out the guesswork.

Letters and words of different shapes and sizes can live in harmony when placed strategically in relation to each other. Combing words into abstract and improvised illustrations forces you to work letters in strange spaces and enclosures. For example, if your typographic composition forms a particular shape, mixing the letter styles within will still appear cohesive. This process is also helpful when working on a lettering project that needs to fit comfortably within a defined space.

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