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Tattoos are expressions-cum-style statements that take inspiration from various aspects of our life. Urban tattoos depict various moods and emotions but the aggressive and tense aspects are conveyed more. Looking for some edgy stuff to be inked as tattoo design then try out this athletic lady with a fierce look on her face carved in green.
The cute girl looks stylish in her tattoo with horses neighing loud on upper back and a rising sun motif in backdrop. This one is a vibrant, colorful chest tattoo with a spiritual liner that signifies confidence.

Urban tattoos are all about expressing your wild and eccentric side as is evident on this boy’s hands. This colorful tattoo with a weird pattern resembling that of a modern art has a peppy look. This sexy gal has got tattoos carved on her ribs, chest and hands with flowers and skull images. Swallows flying over folded hands carved on chest and skulls inked on arms presents a cool illustration of urban tattoo. Tattoo with thorny shrubs and a ribbon curled around it bearing the name of a friend who is no longer alive.

Here is a glimpse into the colors and contours of urban tattoos through these 25 examples having the urban tattoo as theme and backdrop. They have become very popular today and the youth is especially interested in flaunting them because they are the most affected from the ups and downs of the urban life style.

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