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Deer Tattoo meaning – intelligence (like a hummingbird), love (like a Statue of Liberty), peace (like a dove), rebirth (like a starfish), family (like a wolf), survival, etc. Christian symbolism: Saint Giles lived many years in the forest only with a deer as a companion.
Hindu mythology: like in the Greek mythology, there is a Hindu God related with the deer - Saraswati.

Deer Tattoo Placement ideas – on your chest, on your knee, on your leg, on your hand, on your wrist, on your thigh, etc. Furthermore, other symbols of her were: the moon, the hunting dog, the deer, yet of course, some arrows. Don’t just get a new tattoo because it means something for someone else, get a new tattoo because you believe it means something for you.

In my opion, the deer is also related with survival – because it helped Saint Giles survive in the forest all by himself.

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