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Mermaid Anchor Tattoos – Mermaid Anchor Tattoos are typically designed and illustrated with the mermaid sitting upon the anchor as it is being pulled up from the sea.  Oftentimes, there may be other items or creatures from the sea riding along with her. Tribal Mermaid Tattoos – Tribal mermaid tattoos are definitely a style all of their own.  They seem to be a blend of different tribal design styles and the majority of them probably fall into the traditional or classic category as well. Fantasy Mermaid Tattoos – Fantasy mermaid tattoos are another version of the classical or traditional mermaid tattoos with the design style altered to fit the fantasy world of your choice.  Fantasy art can depict science fiction, video game worlds, the dinosaur era, or anything else that is not real but you’ve placed an object or symbol we recognize to be real in that theme.

Many don’t believe in mermaids at all and that they are simply a figment of our imagination. Those of this belief conjecture that instead we’ve seen some sea creature that perhaps resembles what we have come to think of as a mermaid.  Others believe they once existed but are now extinct.

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