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Maybe X amount of guardsmen regiments led by a company sized force of Rising Sons led by a Shogun (which would represent a Company Captain) and an honor guard of first company units. When they are in the regular companies (2-10th) they don't wear back banners but when they're in the 1st company they wear back banners showing what house they belong to. They take in a lot of recruits and use them as shock troops in guard regiments raised from their recruiting worlds.
Really the general would be a glorified aid for the Daimyo but would make sure the regiments were in line. In the other thread is was thought that the Rising Sons protect a shrine world and a few other planets that have different levels of tech.
They'd be reinforced over time with more people from their recruiting worlds but the overall structure and regiments would remain the same. I imagine they'd pick anyone with a spark of talent and throw them into the regiment they raised as assault troops.
Since they are generals they can tell other IG officers to fuck off and let them handle their men. But i think there were some Europeans, mostly Scandinavians and Anglo Saxons who went to japan or some part of Asia as a form of exile. The forge that captures the most terrotory is deemed to have constructed the best quality equipment and is thus awarded the contract. A lot of stuff was taken from Date Masamune, who the chapter master was going to look like. If you return from your time in the Deathwatch then you will be welcomed back into the chapter kind of thing.

Shrine Maiden Sisters would be cool and there are not enough Chapters with a good relationship with the Ecclessiarchy. I think they look good, but you can't really put the badge on them when they look like that.
Companies of space marines then lead these guard regiments as well as fighting in the manner befitting space marines.
I would assume also that the Captains and the general would sort of form a bond to where the general would know what the Captain would want in terms of dealing with higher ups and flak he would get from different agencies. The space marines can come from the feudal world and the IG can come from the 1930s-40s Japan world. But dragging them around is time consuming and will step on the toes of the Imperial Guard who hold a monopoly on military might in terms of mundane humans. They make it look like they're in charge for other IG generals but really they're just doing what the Captain told them.
The Rising Sons let the clan lords govern their own territories as long as they pay their taxes to the capital province, where the Shogun resides. They still have to keep the basic space marine aesthetic and fucking about with the most basic of space marine weapons would kind of throw that off. This means that their fleet is bigger but it means they can function independently of other Imperial military assets which normal space marines have to avoid due to their lack of numbers. There was never more than one Shogun (at least there shouldn't ought to have been), while Japan had hundreds of daimyo at a time. Fenris for example may have a limited PDF drawn from the few technologically advanced enclaves on the world.

During battles of special importance, the Shogun may send representatives to observe the battle.
The clan generals will inform their troops that the Shogun's men are watching and to fight their hardest. To avoid undue damage to the shrines and temples, the wars generally consist of duels between champions or take place far away from the cities. It is forever locked in the Sengoku period, where clans constantly war for prestige and honor. The most outstanding of warriors will be called to serve in the Shogun's personal clan, where they will be trained to be space marines. The sites of the major battles tend to result in the foundation of a new shrine on that spot by the winning side, with the usual end being that the losing side's temple falls to pieces and eventually returns to being part of the landscape.
The most honorable of warriors are recruited to serve in the Shogun's personal clan and trained to be Rising Sons. Occasionally, a clan lord will get over-confident and attempt to attack the planetary capitol and take the title of Shogun for himself.

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