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Simply enough, they wanted more of an open door environ with their clients (Elyse isn't a tattoo artist herself, but the shop manager), and found a small spot in Trinity Bellwoods in the summer of 2008. Chopstick is one of Osaka's oldest and most respected studios, it also happens to be the work place of US ex-pat, Osaka Ben, whose distinctly Japanese pop-culture referenced art style won us over almost immediately. Master in Japanese tattooing, Trevor McStay, works out of his Melbourne-based studio, Dynamic Tattoo. To begin our studio section we're featuring Tatudharma, Sydney's first appointment-only tattoo studio. From there things only grew to such an extent that Josh recently renovated the studio to accomodate his fellow staff.

East Side Tattoo Studio is an exciting Studio opened in September 2010 at the junction of the World famous Brick Lane and Bethnal Green Road. Tattooing at East Side Tattoo Studio: Coming SoonThroughout the years I have tried to develop my own unique style. We'll be regularly updating this area of the site with our featured magazine studios as well as other reputable places to visit if you're feeling ink-itchy; replete with all the info you could need about the studio and its artists. And he stays this way throughout our chat about the revered custom ink studio that he founded only a few years back. And as we sit and chat, with his tattoo machine gliding along a client's fleshy calf, David seems to be at ease, in control.

Considerable time is put into the consultations to ensure that the tattoo works for both the artist and client alike.
I believe that anything you can draw or paint you can tattoo.Since 1993, I've worked countless conventions and tattoo studios from all over the world.

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