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Tattoo art has evolved so much today that even a small tattoo in simple lines can look very striking. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Misspelled Tattoos, Face Tattoos, Eyebrow Tattoos and Russian Prison Tattoos. A small simple tattoo can look very striking when it is a bright red star designed so beautifully. Oriental letters are one of the most popular and attractive forms of small simple tattoo and this is no exception. A rough design that imitates the earth’s globe makes a very attractive and striking small simple tattoo.
This musical note signifying a baritone or tenor is a brilliant example of a small simple tattoo.
Rhod Gilbert, the Irish singer shows off his “flaming Battenburg” tattoo that is small yet famous. A man would definitely want to find the key to his beauty’s heart, so says her small heart shaped lock tattoo. This woman expresses her faith in God with this simple yet striking back tattoo of the Cross. The heart, the eternal symbol of love designed in a simple small tattoo can look very striking too.
A small simple tattoo on the ankle can be a perfect way to bring a company logo into the limelight. The infinity sign which symbolizes the eternal cycle of life is a great tattoo that is small and simple yet attractive.
Such artistically designed flowers make a lovely small and simple tattoo that is worth imitating. As small simple tattoos go the Hyperion style tattoos take first place in their simplistic designs that are also very striking.
The dog designed in simple lines and the words give a clear message of warning in this small yet attractive tattoo. A teapot and cup reminds one of tea, the panacea for all ills through this small simple tattoo. The delicate perch of this bird on a wire makes it look almost life-like in this small simple tattoo.
The outline of a house is a small and simple design that will look great as a first time tattoo. For just a little spot of color on the foot this small simple tattoo of colored flowers is just perfect. The five-sided Pentacle is a wonderful Pagan small simple tattoo to have that is also very striking. The combination of needle-n-thread with the outline of a star is an unusual small simple tattoo.
A ribbon tied in a bow is a very feminine looking small simple tattoo that is very attractive. This is a trendy small simple tattoo of a very modern looking Cross designed in a nice blue shade.
This small simple tattoo depicting a musical note definitely shows that the wearer is a lover of music. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Polynesian Tattoos, Halo Tattoos, Japanese Tattoo Art and Weird Tattoos.
Love of music or love is music…this combination of heart, sound waves and headphones could mean either. The wearer of this love symbol tattoo is definitely a lover of music going by the heart shape formed by musical notes. Bright orange love symbol tattoos on both the wrists are a fantastic way to show your love for someone. This strange love symbol tattoo with a heart and skull depicts how love can make or break you.
A pair of pink hearts like in this love symbol tattoo is a soft and feminine way to express love for someone. A heart flying free with wings but bound by creepers shows a conflict of emotions in this very artistic love symbol tattoo.
A rose with just the words ‘true love’ are a lovely way to sport an expressive love symbol tattoo. This red heart is gift wrapped with a ribbon showing love for one person and is a great love symbol tattoo. A modern art heart is a great way to say you love someone and this love symbol tattoo expresses it very well. When you like Chinese letters for a love symbol tattoo this artistic one is just what you are looking for. This is a great love symbol tattoo with the hands forming the letters ILU expressing ones love for someone.

A beautiful butterfly perched on the artistically designed letter L makes a classy love symbol tattoo.
When you want a design that expresses undying love this love symbol tattoo with entwined hearts is great. A heart with the word love in strong bold letters makes this a very emphatic love symbol tattoo. A mother and daughter both sporting such lovely love symbol tattoos is a superb expression of maternal bonding. Love that is ever lasting can be displayed with a love symbol tattoo in this small yet artistic design. This artistically designed heart is enveloped in love and makes a superb love symbol tattoo. Being in love is a wonderful thing and this bright and artistic love symbol tattoo is the best way to show it. When you are in love you are flying on wings just like the heart in this love symbol tattoo. Never ending love can be best expressed by this beautifully designed heart and infinity sign of the love symbol tattoo. The wearer of this love symbol tattoo is a little confused maybe about his feelings hence the uneasiness! I think Mixed Metaphors tattoo idea is only made for me because i love music very much and its the best tattoo that can show the love towards the music. So, if you are also looking for a meaningful tattoo design that you would like to ink on your skin, then you have come to the right place. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Side Tattoos for Girls, Praying Hands Tattoos, Glow In The Dark Tattoos, and Back Tattoos For Women. Tribal heart for the love of ethnic fashion and rustic charm, which you do not find in the cities.
Tree of love has its roots deep down inside a pure heart, so no storm is strong enough to shake it.
Not only is our list 100% unique and hip but it’ll help inspire you to get your very own, one of a kind knuckle tattoo. Horn and halo in red and black shade signifying the dreadful effect of an undue judgement and influence. Weird word to tattoo, but maybe it is a sarcastic remark on someone who’s a headache for him. These tattoo are very much cooler to get inked on the knuckles i myself want to have a tattoo on my knuckle. Different people like to get different tattoo designs that hold some symbolic significance to them. In this article we have discussed some beautiful tattoos with different meanings that are represented through their designs. Boat Tattoo Design: This is not a mainstream tattoo design however still one beautiful and meaningful tattoo. Rose and Skull Tattoo: Rose and skull tattoo is one popular design that is commonly seen on people.
Red Rose Tattoo: Red rose is a symbol of love and this is also depicted in a red rose tattoo. Mustang Fighter: This is one meaningful tattoo design that consists of a horse and a cancer ribbon. Tribute Tattoo: Beautiful word tattoo inked on the neck of the girl is a symbol of her love for her parents. Zodiac Compatibility Tattoo: A unique tattoo design depicting two Chinese zodiac signs in a balance.
Family tattoo: A beautiful tattoo inked on the shoulder of a girl represents her love for her family.
Memorial Tattoo: A beautiful tattoo that is inked by this lady in the loving memory of some departed person. Egyptian Tattoo: This is an interesting tattoo design inked with various symbols used by ancient Egyptian people. Protection Tattoo: This Thai script tattoo is a unique tattoo design that holds some deep symbolic meaning. Cherry tattoo: This is a Japanese Cherry blossom tattoo that depicts cherry blossom tree with some Japanese letters. Colorful hearts with music notes, Celtic heart for that artistic dimension, are a couple of examples, when a girl wears a heart tattoo for its aesthetics or the cool factor attached with its theme.
Odds are, you won’t want an exact replica of any of the ink below but the images can help you create your very own tattoo. Hopefully you enjoyed our list of knuckle tattoos and have some ideas floating around in your brain for your next tattoo.
But where love is considered even the traditional heart and flowers combo serves the purpose.

Most of the people go for the tattoos that either tell about the inner thoughts of a person or reflect their personality.
You can choose from various traditional designs that used to hold special meaning for various ancient people, religious tattoos that represent one’s faith and belief in a particular religion and any other tattoos that are liked by people for their certain significance. Some of the popular meanings that are associated with feather tattoos are truth, grace, speed, flight, dreams, scaling, high spirit, purity, freedom, courage, journey of the soul and weightlessness. The rose and skull tattoo depicted in this image consists of two roses depicted with a skull. Apart from importance of time there are several other meanings that can be associated with this watch tattoo. The tattoo design given in the image carries the words “love the sinner hate the sin.” said by Mahatma Gandhi. This tattoo depicts two swallows with the name of the loved one in between written on a banner. The dark-colored tattoo perfectly depicts the free will and nature of the tattoo wearing girl. The various symbols used in the tattoo design are used to symbolize protection from higher powers and bring good fortune. Be it a symbol of romance or the sanctity with a sacred heart, each girl heart tattoos have a meaning attached to it. Here, we have collected 30 cool girl heart tattoos for you to pick some great tattoo ideas.
You see, we realize how cool knuckle tattoos can be and that’s precisely the reason that we decided to put together a list of 30 Dandy Knuckle Tattoos just for you.
The only way to find out though is to scroll down and take a look at the list of tattoos that we have in store for you. Mere words aren’t “mere” anymore when you express love but get a lot more meaning than what is voiced.
However, some people also like to get various tattoo designs as a symbol of remembrance or inspiration. This represents that someone close to the tattoo wearing person has passed away as these tattoos are generally inked in the memory of some departed person. The skull tattoo depicted in this image depicts stars, spade and some other patterns inked on the skull.
This tattoo design depicts a simple heart inked with words “Let Love In” written below the heart. This tattoo design depicts that he is inspired by these words of Gandhi and believes that it is not the human that is bad, it’s his work that makes him bad. The background of the tattoo depicts some clouds that represent that the person is in heaven after his departure from earth. This is an amazing tattoo design that depicts the daring nature of the man inked in this tattoo design as he does not even fear death. While they may not be related to knuckle tattoos in any way, they are home to some pretty cool ink and we know that you’ll absolutely love them! A red rose, a red heart, letters, bouquets, etc are all symbols that show everlasting love.
The representation of a tattoo design is one of the main factors that most people like to research before inking it on the body. The design of the skull indicates that the tattoo wearer usually likes to visit casinos and this skull will bring good luck for this man. The words written with the clock represent that the tattoo wearer is an optimist who thinks that we should enjoy each and every moment of our like and thank God for giving us such a wonderful gift i.e.
Carved on the shoulder, this tattoo is a symbol of free spirit of love and welcomes to love everyone.
The words depict that the tattoo is made to remember some deceased person who was very close to the tattoo wearer. This Buddha tattoo includes a beautiful and colorful floral pattern that perfectly goes with the face of the Buddha. We'd love to hear your thoughts, so we have a handy little contact form for you to use, located at the link below. These are some tattoos of small simple designs that can have a great impact on those who see them.
Love has no meaning unless you show it in some way and that’s where these tattoos come in use. As the tattoo is inked on the left side of the back, this depicts that he is a left-handed person. Whether just black or bright colors are used, these tattoos have classic designs and outlines.

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