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If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Ring Finger Tattoos, Tongue Tattoos, Inner Lip Tattoosand Hand Tattoos. Girls and flowers share an intimate relation and it is no wonder that the latter is a favorite tattoo design of the fairer sex. Lovely tattoo for a lovely girl who looks quite cute and represents her inclination towards wild life and geography.
This girl expresses her fine knitting skills with the help of a pretty and creative tattoo, carved on her shoulder. Artistic and having refined detail, this shoulder tattoo displays a solemn, feminine touch that is simply superb.
This tattoo having red roses, skulls, lock, key and vines represents passionate love that the girl harbors for her lover. Ziggy, the poor cartoon character strikes a chord with this girl and therefore, she got it tattooed on her shoulder.
Creative and unique, this tattoo showing a girl with dear horns and having pink and black shade looks distinct.
The girl wears her wild side on her shoulder and this leopard print tattoo depicts the same in a fabulous manner. Cute tattoo with a complete girlish touch that also represents the sensitive and prone-to-crying nature of the wearer. Primary source of energy on earth, the blazing sun finds a place on the shoulder of the Asian girl and we must say it looks damn sexy.

A broken heart becomes as good as a dead piece, this is the meaning of the dark shoulder tattoo with skull faces. Water droplets sitting over the petals make this rose tattoo look gorgeous which symbolizes love and beauty; the essence of feminine nature. Girls can also get creepy and queer as you can understand from this spooky tattoo that stares at you from the shoulder.
Small and feeble, this simple tattoo has a very lovely touch and denotes the fascination of the girls with fairy tales.
Freedom loving, beautiful and always full of life; the butterfly is a cool tattoo design for girls because of their feminine traits. Always trust yourself and rise after failures to embark on a new journey; this is what the artistic phoenix tattoo carved on the shoulder of the girl has to say.
The beautiful heavenly creatures who are believed to come to our rescue in times of crisis present a charming portrait on the shoulder of the girl.
Enigmatic rose tattoo with sober display that means the wearer is in search of love and prosperity. This skull face girl tattoo arouses fear and shows off the adventurous side of the wearer who likes to be queer. Wise, intelligent and effective hunter; the owl tattoo symbolizes foresight and acute sense this girl possesses. This bird tattoo acts as a spiritual guide to the girl, protecting and watching her back, acting as a source of strength and inspiration.

The wearer loves to explore the dark and deep secrets of earth and this scary tattoo depicts that same love. Trust me when I say this, REAL PROFESSIONAL tattoo artists would never have done this to anyone even their own wife of 20 years. When she's old and full of wrinkles, her facial tattoo will look like drawn on facial hair. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. Though it is the personal choice of the people to get a tattoo on a particular place, there are several designs that look good only when done on a specific spot. If we talk about girls, the lovely species of the earth is in itself beauty and grace personified. Any tattoo carved on their body part looks fabulous and when it is done on a fairly exposed part like shoulder, the charm is pretty alluring.
The tender shoulder oozes a soft and cuddly touch and when a tattoo is sitting there, the look has to be seen to be admired. Below we have created a gallery featuring 25 girl shoulder tattoos that will give you more ideas regarding the designs and displays.

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