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I made little labels with tattoo instructions that I printed and cut out using my Silhouette and then I just secured the bottom of the tattoo with a small piece of black washi tape. And while I loved sharing the tattoos at my conference, I wanted to share them with you all too!
The temporary tattoo paper comes with a lightweight cardstock with a glossy finish on one side and an adhesive sheet with a light green backing. Next, cut out the tattoos using Silhouette’s print and cut feature or just a pair of scissors.

When you are ready to apply the tattoos, just peel of the clear plastic top sheet, place the tattoo on the skin, apply a wet washcloth or sponge for 10-30 seconds, and then peel off the paper. Hi JoAnn – the Makers Gonna Make design was hand-lettered by me, so there is no font. I wanted to make a little something special to hand out with my business cards, and I decided little tattoos would be the perfect thing! I’m actually considering a real tattoo so I thought I better try the temp tattoos first.

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