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Trinity Tattoo is the “only tattoo shop you will ever want to go to!” Offering all styles of tattoos, tattoo cover-ups, and photo realism, Trinity Tattoo is Colorado Springs, CO’s #1 tattoo shop. Each client is treated as an individual, as is his or her tattoo, and no two tattoos are alike.
Not everyone gets that “perfect tattoo” from other tattoo shops, which is why Trinity Tattoo also does tattoo cover-ups.
In addition to world-class tattoos and tattoo cover-ups, Trinity Tattoo specializes in photo realism.

There’s a reason that Trinity Tattoo is the “only tattoo shop you will ever want to go to!” With skilled and friendly artists who offer a range of styles from custom tattoos to tattoo cover-ups and photo realism, Trinity Tattoo can’t be beat. From black and grey to color, from old school to watercolor and graffiti, these talented artists can take any idea and turn it into a gorgeous tattoo!
This style of tattooing is hyper-realistic, and is designed to look like a photograph on a person’s skin. Contact Trinity Tattoo of Colorado Springs, CO today for more information or to set up a free consultation with an artist!

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