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Christians think that the greatest way to show how much they love Jesus is by printing tattoos on their body.Everyone has his own views and feeling when we talk about religion.
Cross tattoos have been a popular tattoo design since – well, since tattoos have been put on the skin of human beings across the world! It is easy to see that there are many types of cross designs that people choose for tattooing. For both men and women, putting a small cross tattoo over the breast area is always a nice touch.
The difference between cross tattoos and crucifix tattoos are that cross tattoos have simple cross like design but in crucifix tattoos there is a picture of Jesus designed in cross. The last image of his last seconds life on tattoo show us that he gave his life just for us. Even though the most obvious symbolism attached to cross tattoos deal with religion and spirituality, there are several other meanings attached to them as well. This is a very important symbol for people of these faiths and people who love tattoos find it fitting to display the cross as a show of love and faith in their God. Having a cross tattooed on the wrist in the form of a bracelet is a popular option for both men and women.

It is said that slaves of Christians in earlier days if they don’t work hard enough or whipped due to disobedience then they tattooed their backs with crucifix or cross and then Christian Master stopped them from whipping. Crucifix tattoo may contain different symbols and shapes included in it or in image of Jesus. In fact, there are couples that get cross rings tattooed on their ring fingers instead of using a traditional wedding band. The choices of cross tattoo designs are endless and there will always be one that pleases everyone who is looking! Mostly Christians print this type of tattoo (having Jesus image in cross) print on their hands, neck and backs to show how much love they do with their Jesus.
There are something’s that you may want to confirm before going for that tattoo for which you are going for. For women it can be more difficult finding the perfect place where the tattoo looks nice, yet feminine at the same time.
Crucifix tattoo is also tattooed by Christians to show that they believe and have faith in Jesus and they follow the steps told by their Jesus. Obviously you don’t want that tattoo later after getting that you realize that this tattoo doesn’t symbolize what you thought it did.

The most popular places that men put cross tattoos are the upper arms and the middle of the back.
Never settle on something you just think is “okay”, and really figure out what you want your cross tattoo to symbolize in your life. The lower leg is also a good spot, but not as popular as the previous two spots.  When it comes to deciding what type of cross tattoo to get, there is no one specific type that men find most attractive.
Some Celtic cross tattoos also feature knots in the design and with these, the cross can also be a symbol of the Pagan religion. No matter what kind of cross tattoo a woman gets, the most popular areas of placement are the shoulder blade, the lower leg and the lower back.
As far as the men go, Marshall Mathers (aka Eminem Eminem), Mark Wahlberg and Justin Timberlake sport sexy cross tattoos.

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