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To learn about Tattoo Removal Cream, the first thing you need to know how Tattoo Removal Cream works.
Similar to what we have talked about in Factors Determining the Success of Tattoo Removal, the success rate is definitely not 100% when it comes to tattoo removal cream. A tattoo can be cheap to get but the cost can be skyrocket high when it comes to tattoo removal. A Canadian student has developed a new method to remove tattoos, and it’s as easy and painless as applying lotion. The product’s inventor, 27-year-old Alec Falkenham, said his cream would eliminate the scarring, blisters, and pain associated with laser removal, in addition to dramatically cutting down the cost. Laser tattoo removal is currently one of the few effective methods to remove tattoos, but is an expensive and painful process that can cause scarring, leave burns on the patient’s skin, and typically requires multiple sessions.
Falkenham’s cream works by generating an immune response in certain skin cells called macrophages. The cream is still being tested and requires further research, but Falkenham hopes to one day have his product widely available on the market. A researcher at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada has invented a topical tattoo removal cream that makes tattoo ink fade away painlessly. During tattooing, ink is injected into the skin, causing cells called 'macrophages' to move into the area and absorb the ink, making the tattoo visible underneath the skin.

Modern tattoos used to be considered permanent because tattoo ink is extremely hard to be extracted from the dermis layer of the skin (please refer to the below image). If you ask certified dermatologists whether tat removal creams work, 11 out of 10 will tell you there is no evidence that it works. Depending on the color, size and ink quality of the tattoo, it can take up to a number of months.
What we mean by a successful removal is the complete removal of ink that does not leave an obvious scar or result in any after-problems such as infections.
On one hand, you will hear clinics telling the customers not to use tattoo removal cream because there is no scientific proof on the safety.
If you would like to have a tattoo removal, it is still the best for you to consult a certified dermatologist instead of using your body for a trial.
In fact, it is a simple cream that could be the cheaper and less painful alternative to laser tattoo removal, the Independent reported. The cream essentially causes the body to increase production of macrophages, which then “eat” the ink, causing the tattoo to slowly disappear. Getting inked can be a lot of fun, but there's no fun in the realization that that skull-and-chains tattoo on your bicep is actually incredibly lame and diminishes your value as a human being. However, due to the advancement of technology nowadays, it comes to no surprise that tattoos can now be removed more effectively.

On the contrary, tattoo removal creams can be cheaper than a hundred bucks and that is one of the reasons why tat removal cream is famous. On the other hand, you will hear tattoo removal cream sellers boasting about the safety of the cream. If you really cannot afford the cost of consultation, it is advisable to do more research on the internet on the ingredients of the creams, on top of the two that we have mentioned. Whereas laser-based tattoo removal leads to burns, blisters and scarring, this cream has none of those side effects.
Tattoo removal cream contains chemical that mix with the tattoo ink which is located in the dermis layer of skin.
If you do not want to risk having cancer and leaving a scar, avoid creams with these two ingredients. Many also use the creams to lighten the tattoo before receiving a proper laser tattoo removal.

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