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In the past tattoos was not acceptable for a woman to have one and though flower tattoos were just but a development of the past decades, it has come to be an accepted practice among the women to get tattoos. Flower tattoos have the aspect of being feminine with varsity in variety in respect to the outlook and design of the tattoo Depending on an individual’s choice, flower tattoos can either be small or big or even in terms of a chain or just a single flower.
But part from the aspect of them being pretty, flower tattoos have been seen as symbolic in nature.
Being the oldest in the most preferred for tattoo designs, they carry with them ancient meaning; red roses symbolize love, romance and courage, pink roses show grace and admiration, white roses brings out the innocence and eternal love while rosebuds stand out for beauty and youth.

Other flower tattoos with symbolic meaning are; cherry blossom tattoo symbolizes the female beauty and love in the view of the Chinese while in Japan it stands for life’s transience due to the fact that it has a short blooming span. Some flowers often regarded as never forgotten by their lovers in the olden days were the orchids which were seen to symbolize mystery back then, while the sweet pea indicated a blissful pleasure, irises were got to symbolize passion while violets were an indication of being faithful and modest while the narcissus symbolized one’s self- esteem. A Peony flower tattoo symbolizes wealth but earlier days it symbolized anger while the orchid flower tattoos symbolize love, beauty and luxury and looked upon as strength from its external characteristics. The art of flower tattoos go far back as that of tattooing itself being acceptable in the world over.

With the flower tattoos you can also consider the leaves tattoo designs such as the Japanese maple that symbolizes passing of time. Flower tattoos have offered women the option of being discreet and feminine but these tattoos bring out more than that for they can be used to convey a number of looks, styles and images from as far as the old school look to the tribal look and considering their unique small size, they can work in a number of places.

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