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This kind of tattoo design is less about tribal identification and more about personal expression. If you are going to choose a Hawaiian flower that you have to connect a personal meaning with it.
Though each Hawaiian tropical flower used for tattoo designs has a specific meaning behind it. Generally people who are associated with Hawaiian choose Hawaiian flower as their tattoo design. As you may know Hibiscus tattoo is perhaps the most popular flowers in the Hawaiian flower tattoos.
Hawaiian Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meaning, Some get very excited about the idea of a tattoo after seeing pictures of Hawaiian hula dancers, necklaces made of hibiscus flowers. Native Hawaiian use plant fibers to their traditional garments that makes the plants and flowers very valuable.

Hawaiian Dancers were popular tattoos among sailors, because they represent the beauty, they where attracted by the mysterious and fascinating culture of the places they visited and had tattoos to show home. But the tattoo has a much longer history in the Polynesian society that these symbols.Traditional Hawaiian tattoos are similar to other Polynesian countries in the Pacific Ocean, the designs are mostly geometric patterns made of black lines. In the Hawaiian culture, tattoos were used to monitor the status and importance.Today however, women often getting tattoos that were once reserved for men. Hawaiians rediscover themselves and their own culture and pride in their history, but also to adapt to modern philosophy. If you live in Hawaiian island or if you have visited there then definitely this meaning will come true in your mind. So it's not necessary for you to be connected with Hawaii for tattooing Hawaiian flower on your skin. So as you already know girls love pink, blue, red and yellow and good news is that you will find mostly Hawaiian flower designs in these colors.

Although the double ( full-Lei) tattoos are not common, they are fully integrated into tattoo designs. We are seeing that a change is taking place in the tattoo world as the flower Hawaiian tattoo continues to increase in popularity.
For many flowers are associated with summer, sea,sun and fun.The Hibiscus is tropical,and are often tattooed in pink, orange,and red.
This newly invented, is inspired by traditional tattoo designs and show love and pride of there heritage, embracing Hawaiian culture and history.
This striking colors, of summer.Hibiscus flowers and plants are important in Hawaiian culture.

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