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The beautiful feather tattoo design is highly sought after among those who admire body art and those who are linked to the rich Native American traditions and heritage. Men and women both choose to wear the feather tattoo to represent their Native American heritage or to get in touch with their spiritual side.
Although some would say that angel wings doesn't fall into the same category as the feather, these wings are made of feathers and they hold symbolic meaning. Some people may choose to wear the feather tattoo design because of all the symbolic meanings or they may just like the beauty of the feather tattoo.
The feather tattoo is actually one of those tattoo designs that hold symbolic meaning according to the wearer. Once you've finally come to the decision to get a new tribal feather tattoo, you need to do adequate research to find the right design you want and tattoo parlor that you would like to visit. Remember, tattoos are permanent; therefore, you need to be 100% sure that you are going to be happy with the design that you choose to ink on your skin.

So, if you want a unique design, it's probably best to pay a small membership fee and gain accesss to a website's database of unique tattoo images. Now, choosing a tattoo parlor can be a very intimidating and terrifying experience and many do not like to do it alone. More than likely, they can give you access to not only reviews of parlors but for tips and tricks regarding your new tattoo. And if you decide to get a permanent one, then it should be something meaningful for you, because you'll have it forever, unless you decide to remove it at some point.Tattoos With Meaning Behind ThemEach tattoo has a particular meaning for the one who decides to wear it.
The feather tattoo holds deep symbolic meanings to whomever wears this unique tattoo design. Since the feather tattoo comes in many different variations and colors, it is considered a top tattoo choice by many.
Many of the meanings that you find above is because feathers were viewed as signals and messages from the spirit world.

Some people have their partner's name tattooed or even the portrait of someone they're very fond of.
One conclusion to this meaning is how the feather is usually portrayed in the dreamcatcher. The arms, legs, sides, ankles, upper back, lower back, upper shoulders, and behind the ears are all possible for feather tattoo locations. When this is the case, the tattoo design usually has symbolic meaning from the feather and the specific bird.

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