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This marvelous sleeve tattoo depicts a beautiful sea filled with dolphins, jellyfish and tortises. This garden sleeve tattoo starts from the shoulder blades and sport a beautiful garden filled with equally beautiful flowers and a captivating bug. The Koi sleeve tattoo swirls up your arm and is decorated with small cherry blossom flowers to enhance its beauty. The old japanese house, the fish and the screaming monster with blood dripping from its teeth all add an eerie feeling to this Japanese horror tattoo.
This sleeve tattoo is different from the usual colored sleeve tattoos as here the emphasis is placed on delicate shading.
This sleeve tattoo portrays the royal tiger looking right at home among the tribal designs. This sleeve tattoo with its amazing shades manages to easily bring out the beauty in the roses and the sparkle in the stars. The red color in the tattoo is used on flowers and leaves and also as the outline of the charming celtic knot.
This tattoo ironically combines an innocent bunny with the skull that is the symbol of danger to point out the irony of a person’s character.

This fascinating full sleeve tattoo, marked by its amazing colors, showcases the beautiful life at the depths of an ocean.
With Christ, the roses and the dove, this tattoo is the ultimate when it comes to preaching peace. With large green aliens and a pretty space chic, this tattoo would woo all those who love space and aliens.
This tattoo acts a reminder to the sailors of the distance to their homes and their loved ones.
Even though it is hard to combine the words hilarious and scary together in a sentence, this tattoo certainly combines the two excellently.
Very Good Collection,I love Trials And Tribulations Tattoo very much,indeed its looking nice,thanks a lot for sharing. As I’ve seen this collection again, I realized that I like the Star and Roses Tattoo design. If you are looking to update your look, this Fantastic Full Sleeve Miami Ink Tattoo For Men Pictures inspired for your needs.
Tattooing was always my main objective and through my illustration I have been able to learn and understand different styles and genres becoming a very versatile tattoo artist.

This technique could be your last resort if you already have a permanent tattoo that you have become bored or unsatisfied with.
They, like the name suggests, run the length of the full sleeves of a shirt from the shoulder to the wrist. Celtic design, tribal, floral, Japanese, Flame and Koi Fish tattoos are some of the most famous designs of this department.
The artists I am currently taking influence by are Shaun Barber (painter and tattooist), Horiren and Lars Uwe. As such, it is imperative to choose full sleeves only if you are extremely confident about the design and the artist.

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