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A tribal dragon tattoo gives you the best of two worlds: a creature of far eastern mythology combined with the popular form of tribal art. Most people go for a black tribal dragon, both you might want to add a little color somehow for a striking effect of contrast. The yin yang symbol can be used to designate the balance of opposites, and is found in many Asian art forms. Since the actual name can suggest, tribal tattoos pretty much all started inside of certaingroups or clans. They've already serious significance for those who use them and they also are among the most identifiable of all tattoo patterns.

These types of tattoos were chosen typically not only regarding internal importance, but more to afraid enemies, and any individual wearing a well-inked tribal tattoo design is actually assured to have their fair share of particular attention! Be sure you either create your personal special tattoo, or that an pre-existing picture that you would like is not culturally significant. Traditionally, eastern tattooing depicts symbolic creatures in rich, vibrant colors, a great contrast to the monochrome style of tribal art.
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Placing the two together in yin yang fashion could be an interesting design enhanced with tribal in the background.

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