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Love tattoo ideas for girls, Love Tattoos, tattoos, tattoo designs, tattoo pictures, tribal. Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. If we talk about angel tattoos and it has very deep symbolic meaning in this post I would tell you about angel tattoos.
There are very few tattoo symbols that can be both beautiful and meaningful at the same time.
Try sporting the infinity tattoos shown above in any part of your body and it will surely enhance your aura by making you seem alluring and mystical. The Swallow tattoo is cool and trendy nowadays, just as other bird tattoos and old school designs such as the nautical star tattoo. The swallow, as well as bluebirds and sparrows, has always had a symbolic meaning for sailors because these birds were usually the first sign that land was near (before modern navigation technology). After that, the swallow tattoo was the tattoo design for sailors to show off their sailing experience. Traveling over sea in the early years was a dangerous and difficult undertaking, so a sailor with one or two swallow tattoos was considered very experienced and therefore trustworthy and valuable. A swallow tattoo on the fists does symbolize that the person who wears it is a good fighter (in the UK). Swallow tattoos, as wells as bluebird and sparrow tattoos (jailbirds), are also a symbol of white supremacy for some people.
The swallow tattoo and other old-school tattoos are trendy again, especially in some scenes, such as the rockabilly scene.

A symbol of hope for the return home, of loyalty to one's family and home, of freedom, the swallow is a beautiful choice for a tattoo, whether or not you plan on spending your days out at sea.
The Japanese word Koi translates as carp, but also as love, therefore koi fish are a symbol of love (the kind of love you have for your lover, not for your parents for example).
Since they are considered to be extremely energetic, koi fish tattoo designs usually have very lively colors and lots of movement. First, koi fish tattoos depicting the animal swimming upstream may represent strength during trying times.
Second, and perhaps more influenced by Western thought (the Japanese had and have a very close-knit society), is the koi fish tattoo for someone who is very independent. More often than not koi tattoos are very large tattoos, with intricate shading and colors to depict their rainbow of scales and their strong swimming motion against the current.
Koi fish designs are also used in zodiac tattoos, more specifically in Pisces tattoos (pisces is the Latin word for fish). Swallow tattoos are often combined with stars, cherries, flowers, arrows or a banner with text.
They are a popular design amongst rockabilly girls and other retro chicks, just as nautical stars and cherry tattoos. As with all anamorphic, you can decide how to explain the meaning behind your skin art, each has his or her own symbolic interpretation. He's full of tattoos, you couldn't find a better actor for the role of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Koi tattoo designs are often combined with splashing water, cherry blossom and lotus flowers. Interestingly, the Japanese assign different symbolic meanings to the fish depending upon the way it behaves, either in the pond or in the wild.

Proudly going against the grain, with little care for the opinions of others and society, a tattoo depicting a koi fish swimming through a tumultuous torrent is a powerful and personal image. These tattoos are often sported by young lovers or couples who combine them with heart or star signs. In order to recognize each other, the 7 mutineers who started the mutiny had a swallow tattooed on their chest.
This is due to the fact that these old school tattoos were common during the prime time of rockabilly music.
Koi fish tattoos often represent victory despite terrible adversity: courageous triumph over a struggle. The tattoos are meant to symbolize the never ending, seamless love they have for each other. A good example of the tattoo designs typical for that time is the work of tattoo artist Sailor Jerry, who had his tattoo parlor in Honolulu's Chinatown.
However, the infinity symbol also has other philosophical meanings than the usual one of endless love. Infinity tattoos also indicate the idea of limitless possibilities, and as such bears with it the concepts of creativity and endless opportunities.

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