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If you are trying to decide where to look for a tattoo design that is truly you, the internet has made it extremely convenient for you to do so from the comfort of your own home. Here, in this post I have compiled a list 25 most amazing lettering tattoo designs ideas for your inspiration. It is fairly easy for women to choose a place for tattoo, as good ink can look cute on them anywhere.
For instance, unlike women who look great with hip or lower back tattoo, it might be not the best choice for men to make a tattoo. Shoulder is the most perfect spot for tattoo if you want to express something important for you, like a name, patriot symbol, flag. We've just opened our new Tattoo Lettering Designer to help you get ideas for your lettering tattoos. Tattoos look the best on well-defined muscles, so you might consider few visits in a gym before inking.

Whether it is custom designed calligraphy or a specific font that you are after we are capable of catering to your every need and tailoring a design solution specifically for you.
It has over 500 fonts for you to play with, and you can also print your designs at home to take into a studio if you like. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on: thigh tattoo designs and finger tattoo designs. Depending on your design you can place the tattoo between shoulder blades, tattoo across the back, tattoo across the shoulders or tattoo it in the middle of the back.
Back gives enough space for very big tattoo ideas, images, tribal, crazy symmetrical and unsymmetrical tattoo ideas. Shoulder tattoos are very stylish, expressing its owner personality and giving this tough guy look. To also show your sensitive side go for some tribal, which are known to be a special tattoo design.

The artists at Otautahi have a wealth of experience in all fields of custom letter design, typography and street art.
Although most lettering tattoos are very basic, and usually show just the words in their plain beauty, many people like to place them in a more ornate setting.
Shoulder tattoo is very often combine with chest tattoo and bicep tattoo creating one big design.

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