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We don’t know if it make sense or not, but in England and Russia when prisoners are released from jails they get a sparrow bird tattooed on their wrist, as they believe it is a symbol of freedom and it will inspire them get back on right track of life. Besides their association with prisoners and freedom, these beautiful little birds are extremely popular as a tattoo design, because they look gorgeous with all those bright and vibrant shades of blue, green and even look fabulous in black and grey ink. Generally the core design of a sparrow tattoo feature the bird sitting on a tree branch or a standalone flying sparrow with colorful flowers in background. Tattoo by Paul Pearson ChrisvK, SStu, Dumpleton, Graeme, Shaun1105, Mark Bee, Guero liked this.
These catchy and elegant old school art tattoos can never go out of style which you can flaunt in any part of the body in varied sizes. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Music Note Tattoos, American Flag Tattoos, Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, and Matching Tattoos. A stylish old school tattoo with a social message is thoroughly inspirational and high spirited.

Spread the message of freedom with the light spirited sparrow tattoo in an old school style. The reason why they get it tattooed on their wrists is because it makes them realize that their hands are not cuffed anymore, and they are free to fly like sparrows.
I have also seen people with sparrow tattoo design in which they have it in the background and below the bird they have a phrase, saying or text message written in beautiful handwriting or script font.
Scientifically it’s a fact that Sparrow couple mate for life, and if they travel to difference places they stay together, and if they are lost they somehow always return back home.
The unique old school tattoo could make your statement to put forth your cool attitude to the world in style.
It’s a world known fact that when a sailor completes particular distance of sailing journey he would get a sparrow tattoo inked on his right chest and when he safely comes back home he will get the second bird tattooed on his left chest. There are so many creative designs available with plenty of color combinations, design variation and styles for sparrow tattoos but it generally depends on the person how he or she wants it tattooed, because some of you may want a customized one as well.

Their breath taking appeal attracts the crowd from all age group to wear this style in a flashy way or even in a soothing pencil shade design tattoo. Other popular belief amongst sailors is that, when they have sparrows with them tattooed on their bodies, it will bring them luck and safeguard them against dangerous hurdles they will have to overcome in oceans during their sailing journey.
Talking of my personal experience, I have two beautiful blue sparrows tattooed on my right and left foot facing towards each other.

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